New ObamaCare Rules Will Give Broad Exemptions to Religious Employers… but They’re Still Not Happy

Under ObamaCare, churches are already off the hook for covering things like contraception for their employees. They don’t have to do it.

But what about companies like Hobby Lobby, that are owned by religious people?

What about religious universities like Wheaton College? Do they have to cover birth control for their faculty members?

Yesterday, the Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius announced the final version of a compromise between non-profit religious groups and the government:

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New Survey: 50% of Americans Find Atheism ‘Threatening’

The Bertelsmann Stiftung is a German non-profit that researches, publishes, and “stimulates debate” on a variety of societal issues. They just released the results of their 2013 Religion Monitor in which they analyzed responses to a 100-question survey regarding religion/politics completed by 14,000 individuals in 13 countries.

What did they find?

Here are the most interesting results found in the report (PDF):

The U.S. loves religion and spirituality… but not as much as Turkey:

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Professor Who Was Suspended for Supposedly Telling Students to ‘Stomp on Jesus’ is Reinstated… Sort of

If you don’t remember Florida Atlantic University Professor Deandre Poole‘s name, you probably do remember what he became known for: The conservative Christian media claimed he forced his students to stomp on paper with the word “JESUS” written on it:

There’s finally some good news to report on this issue: Dr. Poole has been reinstated by FAU… but he’s not back in the classroom just yet:

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What Secular Groups Are Saying About the Supreme Court Rulings

Below is a compilation of graphics and press releases released by various atheist, Humanist, and pro-church/state separation groups:

Foundation Beyond Belief:

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Supreme Court Denies Standing in Prop 8 Case, Same-Sex Marriages May Resume in California

In its second gay rights case of the day, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to dismiss an appeal of Proposition 8 on standing. The decision of the Ninth Circuit Court striking down Prop 8 was “vacated and remanded,” meaning same-sex couples in California will once again have the right to marry — but marriage equality is not newly legalized anywhere else.

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