Oregon City Council Member Receives Death Threat After Opposing “In God We Trust” Display

Last month, I mentioned that Klamath Falls, Oregon was the latest city to considering putting an “In God We Trust” display in City Hall. But unlike most other cities, there was actually resistance from elected officials:

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State Rep and Christian Preschool Owner Gave His Adopted Daughters Away — To a Rapist Now Serving 40 Years

Suffer the little children.

On March 6, 2013, Arkansas State Representative Justin Harris posted pictures of two young girls, 3 and 6, to his social-media accounts. They were now his daughters, he explained — siblings that he and his wife Marsha had adopted after the usual extensive vetting process and a six-month in-home trial period.

But today, when you view the short biographical video that’s posted on Harris’ page at the Arkansas House of Representatives website, and you fast-forward to the 1:51 mark where he talks about his family, those girls, unlike his three biological sons, are neither mentioned nor shown. The girls’ photos have been scrubbed from Harris’ social-media profiles, and the posts about them removed.

What happened to the siblings?

That’s the subject of an investigative piece in the Arkansas Times. It’s a long and convoluted story, and some pivotal facts remain unknown, but the gist of it is this:

Harris (below, right) and his wife “rehomed” the girls — gave them away and abandoned them — to a man named Eric Cameron Francis (at left) and his wife Stacey. Francis, a former youth pastor, had worked as head teacher at Growing God’s Kingdom Preschool, which happens to be owned by Harris. Those godly credentials didn’t prevent Francis from forcing himself on the oldest girl. He is now serving a 40-year prison term for her rape.

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Prison Proves That People “Absolutely” Choose to Be Gay, Says GOP Presidential Contender Ben Carson

On CNN today, Chris Cuomo asked his interviewee, neurosurgeon and Tea Party hero Dr. Ben Carson, to explain his opposition to same-sex marriage. (You know Carson’s sentiments aren’t going to be pretty, given that the possible GOP presidential candidate cracked an odd joke recently about bakers poisoning gay couples’ wedding cakes.)

When pressed by Cuomo, Carson denied that there is a civil-rights issue here, rejecting any equivalence between the struggles of African Americans and those of gay people.

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GOP-Led Committee Votes on Bill Allowing Anti-Gay Discrimination During Democrat Opponent’s Bathroom Break

A Georgia bill, SB 129, would protect “religious freedom” — which is code for letting Christians discriminate against gay people without getting punished for it.

Last year, State Sen. Josh McKoon (R, above) tried to pass it… but failed. He’s trying again this year and the bill already got tabled last month. But McKoon figured out a way to get it past the judiciary committee he heads up: He called for a vote while his most vocal opponent went to the bathroom:

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Three Idaho Senators Walk Out During Hindu Leader’s Invocation

Yesterday, Idaho State Sen. Steve Vick vowed to do all he could to stop Hindu statesman Rajan Zed from delivering an invocation. When that failed, he promised to walk out during the prayer.

So how did that pan out?

Not only did Vick walk out as promised, two other senators joined him:

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