Why Did This City Council Use Public Funds to Bring in a Christian Band?

The Parks & Recreation Department in Liberty, Missouri is sponsoring a summer concert series, which sounds all well and good. In fact, this August, the KC All Stars will be playing. Over the weekend, though, the concert series kicked off with a performance by Sidewalk Prophets, a Christian band. The event cost the city $9,500. [Read More...]

11-Year-Old Hero Will Lead Gay Pride Parade

Guess who’s helping lead San Antonio’s gay pride parade this Saturday? Will Phillips! Will is the 11-year-old who’s been advocating civil rights for years — years! — refusing to stand for the Pledge because we don’t really have “liberty and justice for all” and speaking out in support of same-sex marriage. Will has long been [Read More...]

Georgia License Plates Will No Longer Have ‘In God We Trust’ on Them

Church and State will remain separate on Georgia’s license plates thanks to all of you. Earlier this week, I mentioned that Georgia was having an online vote to decide it’s new license plate. And three of the eight entries had “In God We Trust” printed on them. Like this one: Well, there were enough complaints [Read More...]

Can Childless Atheists Get Married?

Your Atheist Muse has a simple question for any Christian opposing gay marriage because it goes against what their God wants for us: I’m an Atheist, my husband is an Atheist, and we decided not to have children. Therefore, by your definition of marriage, should we have been allowed to marry? I’d love to hear [Read More...]

The Religious Right’s Plan Backfires Again

Sometimes the Christian Right wins a battle… only to have it backfire on them. For example, they were the ones who pushed to have Christian clubs in public high schools, and that’s the main reason Secular Student Alliance groups are now able to exist (and I predict they’ll spread quickly). Here’s another perfect example of [Read More...]