Australian City Council Says No to Prayer Before Meetings

Waverley is a suburb of Sydney in Australia, and the Waverly Council just did something you’ll never see in an American city. They nixed the Serenity Prayer said before each city council meeting and their explanation makes complete sense: [Waverley Mayor, Cr John Wakefield] wants Waverley councillors to focus on good governance and ethical behaviour [Read More...]

A Petition for the White House to Take the Petitions Seriously

After the pathetic response atheists got to the White House petition to remove “Under God” from Pledge of Allegiance, you have to ask yourself, “Why even bother?” If you feel the same way, I’ve got a new petition for you: WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: Actually take these petitions seriously instead of just using [Read More...]

Personhood Ballot Measure Rejected in Mississippi

Hallelujah… Via Joe. My. God. who adds: This is a HUGE loss for the Family Research Council, which lobbied fiercely to essentially outlaw abortion in Mississippi. The bill, as written, would have also outlawed some methods of birth control. [Read more...]

Michigan Takes Small Steps Toward a Better Anti-Bullying Law

After Republican state senators in Michigan changed an anti-bullying law to allow bullying if it was due to a “sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction,” there was an uproar from state Democrats, GLBT students and allies, atheists, progressives, anyone with a heart… basically, everyone except those Republican state senators. It appears to be making [Read More...]

Charlie Hebdo Responds to Muhammad-Inspired Firebombing with More Blasphemy

Last week, the satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo ran with this cover: That’s “guest editor” Muhammad saying “100 lashes if you don’t die laughing!” For that, Hebdo‘s offices were firebombed, their website was hacked (with messages like “No God but Allah”), and protests erupted across Europe. Very likely the courtesy of extremist representatives from the [Read More...]