What Dean Obeidallah Gets Wrong About Sam Harris

Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and other vocal critics of Islam have frequently been called bigots by those who say the atheists unfairly lump all Muslims together as extremists. Of course, anyone who actually listens to them knows that’s not the case. The atheists have acknowledged the importance of moderate Muslims in this conversation since they have more power to create change. But cherry-picking sound bites is what lazy critics do. They’re the ones who say Harris wants to “profile Muslims,” even though what he’s actually calling for is far more nuanced than that. They’re the ones who claim to know what’s in Harris’ heart and mind even when he’s right there to tell them otherwise.

The latest example of this was a conversation on CNN between Harris and comedian/commentator Dean Obeidallah, ostensibly about Ben Carson‘s statement that Muslims should not be President.

At one point (2:50), Harris brings up how Sharia Law dictates cutting off the hands of thieves and throwing gay people off of rooftops. Obeidallah interrupts to point out that the latter punishment isn’t in the Qur’an, as if Harris is making it all up:

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When Will Liberty Counsel Admit a Massive Kim Davis Rally in Peru Never Happened?

When Kim Davis was given an award at the Values Voter Summit this weekend, her attorney Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel mentioned that more than 100,000 people had shown up for a prayer rally in her honor in Peru. He showed an image that was tweeted out the day before by fellow conservative Matt Barber:

Just one problem with that: The prayer rally for Kim Davis never happened.

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Donald Trump Reminds Audience of His Christian Faith By Holding Up His Childhood Bible

At the Values Voter Summit over the weekend, Donald Trump attempted once again to endear himself to evangelical Christians in the only way he knows how: Using buzzwords since he can’t do it genuinely.

For example, he thought holding up his childhood bible would win them over… even though most Christians at that event would probably prefer to see the Bible you open up on a regular basis as an adult.

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Memories Pizza in Indiana Inadvertently Catered a Gay Wedding

Earlier this year, when Indiana was facing all sorts of backlash for its new law legalizing anti-gay discrimination, one of the companies making headlines was Memories Pizza in the city of Walkerton. The owners made clear they would not cater a gay wedding because it violated their Christian beliefs. Supporters raised nearly $850,000 in defense of their faith-based bigotry.

I bring that up because the company just catered a gay wedding (without their knowledge).

Robin Trevino and his husband had a wedding ceremony in Illinois in 2008, before their marriage was technically legal in the state. (They got an official license in Iowa the following year, though they didn’t get a chance to celebrate the occasion with friends and family.)

Because a comedy troupe Robin works with was going to do a show focused on Indiana, he figured it might be a good time to renew his vows. And you can’t do that without some food…

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Congressman Swipes Pope’s Water After Speech, Hoping for Good Luck

On Friday, after Pope Francis spoke to a joint session of Congress, he left behind a glass of water.

And then this weirdness happened:

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