Dana Loesch Says Those on the “Godless Left” Have Blood on Their Hands After Terrorist Attacks

Yesterday I posted about Dana Loesch‘s “Godless Left” video on NRA News; it was a fascinating trip into a bizarre, fact-free zone of religious paranoia and conservative talking points. But, sadly, it paled in comparison to the sheer nuttiness of the “Godless Left” rant she launched into on the Tuesday episode of The Dana Show.

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Oklahoma State Capitol Will Be Home to a Rainbow-Colored Festivus Pole

Continuing his plan to install rainbow-colored Festivus poles across the country, Florida activist Chaz Stevens just got approval to put one up in the Oklahoma Capitol.

That would be the same place where a Ten Commandments monument got taken down a couple of months ago following a years-long legal battle.

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Florida Legislators Want to Make it Harder for Students to Remain Seated During the Pledge

A couple of months ago, the superintendent of Florida’s Santa Rosa County District Schools was upset after students were reminded — through signs on classroom walls — that they didn’t have to stand up during the Pledge of Allegiance. In his mind, forced recitation of the Pledge was both patriotic and a requirement in state law.

He was wrong on both counts.

Saying the Pledge is optional and no student can be punished for refusing to participate. As I said before, the students who choose to remain seated may even be more patriotic because they know it’s wrong to force people to say we’re a nation “Under God” or that we have “justice for all” when that’s just not true in practice.

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Humanists Plan to Sue Mississippi County That Won’t Remove Nativity Scene from Courthouse

The Harrison County Courthouse in Mississippi has this Nativity scene in the building… which is odd for a place that’s supposed to respect the law:

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NRA Video: The “Godless Left” Has No Values and Wants to Take Away Our Right to Survive

In a video for NRA News, Conservative pundit Dana Loesch sneered her way through a pro-gun, pro-prayer, and anti-“Godless Left” rant (which, it should be noted, seems to encompass the entire left, godless and otherwise). It touched on everything from Benghazi to healthcare, and was really quite a hodgepodge of cherished right-wing talking points. Loesch bravely, bravely takes on a whole host of favorite conservative straw men with the requisite contempt and anger she believes they merit. She is, after all, fighting for the right to survive. Somehow. She never quite gets to the hows, but, you know, FREEDOM!!!

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