Washington D.C. Church Leaders Say New Bike Lane Would Infringe Upon Their Religious Rights

Leaders of the United House of Prayer, a church in Washington, D.C., said that their religious rights would be infringed upon if the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) put bike paths on the road near their building.

They argued in a letter sent to the DDOT last month that the bike lane would eliminate a lane of traffic and prevent street parking, thereby placing “an extreme burden on the free exercise of religion” by hurting church members who want to worship at their building. So… persecution!

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Seth MacFarlane Praises Bernie Sanders for Saying Climate Change is the Biggest Threat We Face

At a Bernie Sanders rally in Los Angeles last night, actor/comedian Seth MacFarlane gave a fantastic opening speech, praising the candidate for saying climate change was the biggest threat we face:

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Westboro Baptist Church Will Picket Outside Kim Davis’ Office Because She’s a “Fake Christian”

I think Westboro Baptist Church is awful and I think Kim Davis is a bigot. But if the “God Hates Fags” people want to protest someone famous for denying gay people marriage licenses, there’s something deeply poetic about it in a weird, twisted way.

The church plans to picket outside the Rowan County Courthouse where Davis works on Monday morning because… well… just take a look at WBC’s rambling explanation:

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Another Florida City Commission Drops Invocations Just to Prevent Local Satanist from Speaking

Chaz Stevens is on a roll. The atheist-turned-Satanist has pressured another city commission in Florida to stop invocations altogether just so no one has to hear him speak.

Remember: Stevens made this happen in Coral Springs last month (they didn’t want to see an invocation that involved twerking and/or a mariachi band). Deerfield Beach and Delray Beach have dropped their invocations for the same reason.

And now it’s happening in Dania Beach (article behind paywall):

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What Did the Democrats Have to Say About God During the Debate?

The Democrats’ debate last night was certainly refreshing in one way: The candidates weren’t wasting time arguing about who God loved more.

In fact, according to a transcript of the debate, “God” was only mentioned three times, all by Hillary Clinton who was referring to “God-given potential.”

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