Law-Breaking Mississippi School District’s New Board Member Says Church/State Separation is a Myth

I’ve said before that I’ve written more articles about the Rankin County School District in Mississippi than anywhere other school district in the country — never for good reasons. There were mandatory assemblies with Christian speakers. There was a pastor telling children to pray at an awards ceremony. There was the Christian hymn performed during a marching band’s halftime show.

This is a District where church/state separation isn’t even considered a suggestion, much less thought of as a law. And they’ve been fined multiple times because of that. In fact, for every violation from here on out, they owe the plaintiff $10,000.

So when you’re electing a new school board member, you want someone with a strong understanding of the situation.

You want someone who won’t make the same mistakes as the District leaders of the past.

You want someone who respects the law.

What you don’t want is the guy you just got: David Dyess:

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A Darwin Day Resolution Has Been Introduced in the U.S. Senate

A couple of weeks after Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) introduced a resolution in the House recognizing Charles Darwin‘s birthday, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) has just done the same in the Senate.

Senate Resolution 337 expresses “support for the designation of February 12, 2016, as ‘Darwin Day’ and recogniz[es] the importance of science in the betterment of humanity.”

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Three China (TX) City Council Members Resign After Mayor Allows Atheists to Host Event in City Hall

Over the past month, three city council members in China, Texas have resigned from their positions, leaving the city unable to proceed with business because there aren’t enough elected officials to reach quorum.

What prompted them to step down?

They’re supposedly angry at Mayor John Walker for not asking their permission before approving an event in city hall aimed at dispelling myths about atheists and church/state separation:

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Texas Republican Leader “Just Might Slap” the Next Person Who Wishes Him a “Happy Holidays”

Santa Claus may be coming to town, but in one Texas home, it seems the Grinch got there first.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller (do I even need to mention at this point that he’s a Republican?) took to Facebook with his own brand of Christmas love and cheer, and it’s not terribly loving or cheerful:

Peace on earth, and mercy mild — unless someone mentions “holidays” instead of “Christmas,” in which case we’re going to whack ’em one.

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Oklahoma Legislators Condemn Festivus Pole, Calling It a “Slap in the Face” of All Christians

A day after Florida activist Chaz Stevens received permission to install a rainbow-colored Festivus pole in the Oklahoma Capitol, state representatives are already condemning this warped idea of a non-Christian playing by their rules.

In a press release, several Republicans expressed anger over how someone isn’t worshiping Jesus this month:

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