Why It’s So Important to Fight for Church/State Separation

Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist posted a terrific interview with Sarah Levin, Legislative Associate for the Secular Coalition for America. In it, Levin talks about why she fights for church state/separation and why the First Amendment protects people of all faiths and no faith:

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Knoxville (IA) City Council Approves New Cross-Less Veterans Memorial

Remember that display of a kneeling soldier, gun in hand, next to a Christian cross, that sits in taxpayer-funded Young’s Park in Knoxville, Iowa?

Last we heard, the City Council was thinking about privatizing the land on which the Christian memorial sits so it could remain in place.

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The Ten Commandments Monument at the Oklahoma Capitol Building Will Finally Come Down

Oklahoma state officials have been trying to protect the Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the State Capitol ever since the state’s Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional back in June.

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Franklin Graham: I Can Be an Even Bigger Bigot Than Dr. Ben Carson

Last week, during an interview with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press, Republican Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson argued that Muslims should not be allowed to hold the highest office in the land because their beliefs are somehow inconsistent with American values. Not extremist Muslims. Just Muslims.

Franklin Graham, the conservative Christian leader who doesn’t even want Muslims in the country, couldn’t let Carson out-bigot him. So he agreed with the GOP President candidate and then took it one step further:

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Catholic Hospitals Should Be Up Front About What Procedures They Won’t Do

If you’re a woman who’s giving birth and you’re having a C-section, you might decide that you’re also done having kids and you’d like to have your tubes tied so there are no unplanned pregnancies in the future.

The doctor is already performing surgery, so performing a tubal ligation actually lets you kill two birds with one stone. It’s a safe procedure. Medical professionals even say that if you want your tubes tied, doing it during a C-section is a good idea because it doesn’t require an additional surgery. Nearly 30% of married adult women in the U.S. have had the procedure done. Not a big deal.

But what if you’re at a Catholic hospital? Doctors there will perform a C-section, no problem, but they will not perform a tubal ligation. Why not? Because they’re getting their directives, not from medical professionals, but from Catholic bishops. Basically, anything that functions as contraception is forbidden in the faith. And this rule applies even if future pregnancies would put the woman’s life in danger.

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