Conservative Commentator: Atheists Can’t Hold Public Office Because They Can’t Defend God-Given Rights. Checkmate!

There’s been a lot of discussion this week about the seven states which have laws on the books banning atheists from holding public office.

Conservative commentator Jake MacAulay thinks those bans make perfect sense. And just wait until you hear why:

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Anti-Discrimination Ordinance Repealed in Fayetteville

Earlier this year, Fayetteville, Arkansas passed an anti-discrimination ordinance that “would protect LGBT citizens from discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations.” The measure gained attention in large part due to the efforts of Michelle Duggar, who recorded a vicious transphobic robocall, equating trans women with child molesters, in order to get people to vote against it. Despite her efforts, the ordinance passed.

Camille Beredjick noted on the blog earlier this month that this “civil rights ordinance has brought out some people’s least civil sides.” At the time, Fayetteville voters were considering a repeal of the ordinance, and opponents of equality were engaging in some hardcore fear-mongering tactics.

Well, those tactics seemed to have paid off.

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Lexington Herald-Leader Editorial Blasts Answers in Genesis for Discriminatory Hiring Practices

In a scathing editorial, the Lexington Herald-Leader blasted Answers in Genesis and Ken Ham who, yesterday, were denied tax incentives worth more than $18,000,000 because of their discriminatory hiring practices.

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Kentucky Will Deny Creationists $18,000,000 in Tax Rebates Because of Their Discriminatory Hiring Practices

Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham‘s ministry, is a religious non-profit. That’s why the Creation Museum can require you to sign a “statement of faith” if you want to work there. Ark Encounter, the Noah’s Ark theme park that’s eligible for millions of dollars in tax rebates, is a for-profit business. They cannot discriminate in hiring. [Read More…]

Atheists Wanted to Deliver Invocations, so the Arroyo Grande City Council Adopted a Moment of Silence Instead

Back in September, members of Atheists United San Luis Obispo (California) decided they wanted to deliver the invocation addresses in the cities of Arroyo Grande and Paso Robles.

It went well in Paso Robles, where atheist Kim McGrew delivered a speech with these lines:

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