This is Conservative Christian Logic in a Nutshell

When Minnesotan Andy McClure shared a post on Facebook about how conservative Christians react to various hot-button issues, it quickly went viral… before it was removed from the site for “not meeting community standards.” (Which is probably a euphemism for “a bunch of Christians complained so the algorithm removed it.”)

So he drew it up XKCD-style instead.

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Class Action Lawsuit Says New York Yeshivas Failed to Give Students a Proper Secular Education

For years now, ultra-Orthodox Jews have been in charge of a public school district in East Ramapo, New York in addition to the private Jewish schools in the community. It’s led to plenty of debate over, among other things, whether the Orthodox Jews who don’t want to pay property taxes for public schools their children don’t attend should be allowed to decimate the system for the kids who don’t share their faith.

The latest twist in the story is that a class action lawsuit has been filed by plaintiffs who think they were shortchanged a real education in the area’s yeshivas:

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 82: Sarah Haider, Ex-Muslim

Our latest podcast guest is Sarah Haider, a co-founder of Ex-Muslims of North America, where she advocates for the acceptance of religious dissent and works to create local support communities for those who have left Islam.

Sarah was born in Pakistan as a practicing Shia Muslim. She moved to Texas and, in her late teens, began reading the Qur’an critically. It wasn’t long before she became an atheist.

We spoke with Sarah about why it’s dangerous for Muslims to leave the faith even in the United States, what the New Atheists get right and wrong about Islam, and why we need to stop using the word “Islamophobic.”

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Conservative Wants to “Bomb Mecca Off the Face of the Earth” to Show Christian Love

Conservatives seem to be taking ISIS’ fundamentalism as a direct challenge to their own these days. Whether it’s a leading Republican presidential candidate calling for implementation of actual Nazi anti-Semitic policies against Muslims, or not-giving-up-yet Republican Presidential candidates saying that we should only accept refugees who share their faith, conservatives seem to be eager to demonstrate that ISIS isn’t the only pack of fanatics on the block. Perhaps none have been so keenly eager as columnist Burt Prelutsky who, writing for World Net Daily, tackles the question of ISIS with his signature “wit and humor”… which, in practice, seems to be more a really crazy bit of Jesus-based chest-thumping and saber-rattling than anything else.

Prelutsky’s idea is simple: just go in there and wipe ISIS out. (See? Easy as pie.) Then go destroy Mecca and massacre a bunch of civilians. Because my God is tougher than yours!

No, really. That’s his suggestion:

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In Satire, Jailed Missionary Tells Iraqi Christian Why He Won’t Really Be Persecuted in the U.S.

In the excellent scripted video below, a jailed American Christian missionary meets an Iraqi Christian in the cell next door. They talk about all the persecution the Iraqi man and his family currently have to face.

So the American tells him to come back to the U.S. with him, where they will all be safe… only to have the Iraqi decline the offer. After all, the Iraqi watches Fox News Channel. He hears what Christian leaders say in public. If the U.S. is as anti-Christian as all of them claim it in, why would anyone want to live there?!

That’s when the American has to explain how Christians aren’t *really* persecuted in the U.S. That’s just scary rhetoric Christian leaders like to use to keep everyone in line…

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