Should Christians Have to Apologize on Behalf of Terry Jones?

Terry Jones is the pastor who threatened to burn a Koran on September 11th and finally went through with it a few weeks ago. In response, there have been riots in Afghanistan leading to the deaths of several people. Is Jones to blame for all this? Even if he’s not, should Christians have to apologize [Read More...]

I Really Hope It Rains on the National Day of Prayer…

If you weren’t aware that the National Day of Prayer was only a month away, you will be after you see this horrific video: So PRAY… or else God will make dark clouds appear in the sky. And you’ll have to stop playing your Wii. Side note: I wonder if the same person (or group) [Read More...]

Does College Make You Less Religious?

I’ve heard right-wingers say that college is a bastion of secularism — come in as a Christian, leave as an atheist. Here’s Dennis Prager explaining the “problem”: … increasingly large numbers of men and women attend university, and Western universities have become essentially secular (and leftist) seminaries. Just as the agenda of traditional Christian and [Read More...]

Hello, I’m a Hyphenated-American

Remember Dee Wampler, the Christian lawyer who is on a quest to have the phrase “IN GOD WE TRUST” posted in every City Hall in the state of Missouri? Now, we know why he’s doing it: “Especially with all the new people coming to the country that are hyphenated Americans, it’s important for them to [Read More...]

Mainstream Press Recognizes Military Atheists

This was supposed to be the weekend when Richard Dawkins, Dan Barker, Margaret Downey, Baba Brinkman, and a handful of other atheists (including myself) were supposed to speak at Rock Beyond Belief, a concert supporting atheists in the military, taking place at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. That effort was stopped when Fort Bragg officials [Read More...]