Help Save the Tree of Knowledge!

Thursday morning, the Chester County (Philadephia) Commissioner’s Office will vote on whether to “rescind all private, unattended winter holiday season displays on the Chester County Historic Courthouse property.” Passage of this bill, Resolution 58-10, would mean private groups could not put up any holiday displays. That may not seem like such a bad thing, but [Read More...]

Air Force Academy Addresses Proselytization Problems

The Air Force Academy has gotten well-deserved flack in the past for proselytizing problems and being something of a Christian-only club despite the complaints of atheists. Now, the Colorado Springs Gazette is reporting that a “panel of experts” has okayed a new plan to teach religious tolerance — including First Amendment right The academy says [Read More...]

A Gay Teenager Stands Up for His Suspended Teacher

You may have already heard the story about Graeme Taylor, but it deserves to be spread. In Ann Arbor, Michigan, Howell High teacher Jay McDowell had been suspended without pay “for two days for asking a student to remove her Confederate flag belt buckle and for ejecting two students from class after a heated exchange [Read More...]

A Christian Calls Out the Anti-Gay Chaplains

***Update***: Links have been fixed! … Josh Moon of the Montgomery Advertiser — a self-described Christian — has some beautifully harsh words for Christian chaplains who are calling to keep “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” intact so they won’t have to counsel gay soldiers: Jesus Christ seemed to be a big proponent of treating others the [Read More...]

An Effective Way to Protest the Pope

As Pope Benedict came through Barcelona, Spain today, about 200 protesters were ready for him… Good thing he was in the PopeMobile or else he would have caught The Gay. (via Joe. My. God.) [Read more...]