How Nebraska May Overturn Its Death Penalty Ban

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how Nebraska may overturn its death penalty ban:

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In Invocation, College Atheist Urged Florida Commissioners to Focus on Words, Thoughts, and Actions

Earlier this year, on April 28, Peter Wood of Florida State University’s Secular Student Alliance gave an invocation address at a Leon County (Florida) Commission meeting. Even though it’s been a while, I’ve been trying to post them all on here and the video just went online, so here you go:

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Paranoid Christians Are Utterly Wrong About Syrian Refugees; Here’s What’s Really Going On

If I hear one more person ranting about discrimination against Christian refugees in Syria and the resulting threat of terrorism, my blood pressure is going to reach unhealthy levels. I know I’m not alone. Unfortunately, encountering such xenophobic ignorance is probably inevitable. So let’s take a moment to count the ways these assertions are undeniably, indescribably, quantifiably wrong by pointing out what the facts actually reveal.

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Activist Wants You to Install Rainbow-Colored Festivus Poles in Your State Capitol Building

For the past two years, Florida activist Chaz Stevens has countered the Nativity scenes in the State Capitol building with a display of his own: An 8-foot-tall Festivus pole made out of Pabst Blue Ribbon cans. It’s an attention-getting stunt, to be sure, but it also makes a valid point about how the government can’t approve certain religious displays but not others.

This year, Stevens is taking it a step further. He’s still applying to install a Festivus pole in the Florida Capitol. But he’s also started an advocacy group called the Humanity Fund that’s raising money to create and install Festivus poles in State Capitols all around the country.

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Bill Maher Points Out the Dangerous End Times Theology of Dr. Ben Carson

On last night’s Real Time, Bill Maher delivered a stirring speech about how Ben Carson and other candidates have religious beliefs that are appalling — and present a danger to society — and yet the media never asks about them. Because we have this idea that a politician’s religious beliefs are off-limits, even when the stakes are so high.

Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist, a Christian faith that, like many others, seriously believes Christ is coming back to Earth and taking the believers with Him. If that’s what Carson really believes, shouldn’t we all be aware of that before casting our votes?

Start watching around the 2:30 mark:

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