Thanks to Ted Cruz, a Satanic Snaketivity Display May Be Heading to the Michigan State Capitol

Last year, the Michigan State Capitol building gave the green light to a display from the Satanic Temple of Detroit. They had no choice, since religious groups had already put up Nativity scenes:

This year, the Snaketivity display may be coming back. If that happens, we’ll have Sen. Ted Cruz to thank for it:

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Donald Trump: We Should “Take Out” Terrorists’ Family Members

Trump is going all in with his quest to secure his status as worst person in the world. On an interview with Fox News Channel this morning, the Republican presidential frontrunner not only underlined his idiocy but stooped to new lows, which he somehow keeps creating for himself:

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Colorado Republican Blames Planned Parenthood shooting on… Planned Parenthood

Following last Friday’s deadly shooting at a Colorado Planned Parenthood by a pro-life Christian worried about “baby parts,” conservatives have been desperate to shift focus away from their dangerous anti-abortion rhetoric, and how it might help create these terrorists. Desperate enough to suggest the shooting was the work of a transgender liberal killer. Desperate enough to suggest that being called on lying about organ harvesting from live babies is just “demonizing the messenger”.

One of the more grotesque efforts, however, comes compliments of Colorado State Representative JoAnn Windholz, who took to Facebook to explain how such violence really is, ultimately, Planned Parenthood’s fault.

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What Would Happen if We Treated Christians Like Muslims After a Terror Attack?

If the Planned Parenthood shooter were Muslim, you know exactly how conservatives would react. But because reports say he believed in the Christian God, don’t expect to see this anytime soon:

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As It Turns Out, Even Protesters Sometimes Need Planned Parenthood

If you’ve ever been to a Planned Parenthood, odds are you’ve faced the protesters. Waving pictures of mangled fetuses and warnings of hellfire, they scream at you about sin and murder and beg you to change your mind. Even in the cases where volunteer escorts attempt to shield you from the shame brigade, entering the health clinic can be a jarring experience.

But every now and then, one of them will cross the picket line — even if surreptitiously and temporarily. Marie Myung-Ok Lee, writing for Salon, reports:

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