Ted Cruz, in Convention Speech, Talks About Protecting Religious Freedom of Atheists. Seriously.

While much of the talk from Night 3 of the Republican National Convention surrounds Sen. Ted Cruz‘s stunning non-endorsement of Donald Trump, let me go back to what he said before the crowd began booing him as if Hillary Clinton stepped onto that stage herself. Because Cruz almost sounded reasonable for a moment. (It didn’t last.)


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Norco City Council (CA) Rejects Proposed Hindu Temple Because It Won’t Fit In with the Community

This is really unbelievable: The Norco City Council in California unanimously rejected a proposal to build a Hindu temple in the community — even though the developers were following all the rules — because it’s probably won’t fit in with the rest of the community.


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These “Trump Tracts” Will Help You Find Your Inner Salvation

Artist Ethan Persoff created “Trump Tracts” that are similar to those Christian “Chick Tracts” you often see handed out on college campuses.


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Third Eye Blind: “Raise Your Hand If You Believe in Science!” Republican Crowd: “Boooooo”

The band Third Eye Blind played a concert for charity outside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last night — which meant playing for a lot of people who were also in the area for the Republican National Convention. And by all accounts, it was a glorious evening, with the band trolling the mostly conservative audience.


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Analysis Shows Trump Supporters Love God’s Not Dead (and Some Think Kirk Cameron’s a Great Actor)

The Wall Street Journal published an analysis of Facebook data to show what we can learn about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump supporters based on their unique Likes. It’s not necessarily scientific, but it sheds some light on some of the differences between the two worlds. And those differences can be frightening.


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