West Virginia Legislators Introduce a Bill to Make the Holy Bible the Official State Book

Make no mistake: This is an attempt to elevate Christianity above all other religions (and atheism) without explicitly saying the Bible is true.


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Irish Broadcaster Says It Wasn’t “Sacrilegious” for a Comedian to Call Communion “Haunted Bread”

Last month, an Irish comedian referred to communion wafers as “haunted bread” on a late night talk show. It upset a local priest, who complained to broadcaster RTÉ that this was blasphemy. They have now responded by saying the comedian did nothing wrong.


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Indiana Legislators Debate Pointless Bill Protecting Students’ Already-Protected Religious Rights

This bill creates a bandage for a wound that doesn’t exist. And it could make the lives of non-Christian students even worse.


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NH Republican State Rep. Brandon Phinney Refers to Religion as “Archaic Beliefs That Deny Reality”

New Hampshire State Rep. Brandon Phinney, a Republican, just wrote a letter to the editor to a local newspaper commenting on the decline of religion in his state. He even said, “… it is difficult and to be frank, rather foolish, to hold onto archaic beliefs that deny reality.”


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Full-Page Ad in Idaho Newspaper Condemns Faith-Healing Laws: “Do Children Have a Right to Live?”

A full-page ad appearing in a large Idaho newspaper today challenges state law giving a Get Out of Jail Free card to parents who let their children die from neglect because their religion condemns doctors and medicine.


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