Members of Congress Are Defending the Praying Football Coach, but Here’s a Terrific Response

This week, dozens of politicians finally got around to doing something! Unfortunately, it involved right-wing Republicans making another symbolic gesture.

Members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus sent a letter to administrators in the Bremerton School District in support of I-Have-To-Pray-on-the-Football-Field Coach Joe Kennedy:

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Toledo Mayoral Candidate Who Speaks in Tongues Says at Debate That She Knows She Will Win

Did you watch the debate the other night? Not the one with the GOP candidates who have no business holding leadership positions. The other one with the GOP candidate who has no business holding a leadership position.

Opal Covey, the self-styled “prophetess” running for mayor in Toledo, Ohio, took part in a debate against the six other candidates on Wednesday night, and she didn’t disappoint. (Unless, you know, you live in Toledo, in which case you should be horrified.)

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Virginia GOP Ad Reads “Preserve our Christian Heritage! VOTE REPUBLICAN”

In case you had any question about the connection between Christians and the Republican Party, a Virginia GOP leader ran an ad in the local newspaper for next week’s statewide elections that said “Preserve our Christian Heritage! VOTE REPUBLICAN.”

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Toledo Mayoral Candidate Who Speaks in Tongues Gets Grilled by Local News Anchors

Remember Opal Covey, the woman running for mayor in Toledo, Ohio who speaks in tongues and is a self-described “prophetess”?

Because she’s still in the race, a local news team interviewed her as part of the station’s mayoral race coverage. It’s fairly obvious both anchors think she’s batshit crazy. The interview involves questions about Covey calling a local business “Satanic,” whether her “prophet talk” will scare businesses from moving to Toledo, her claims that she had previous elections stolen from her, and her conviction on animal cruelty charges.

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Thomas Jefferson’s Struggle with Islamic Brutality

On September 11, 2001, the United States was given a taste of what Europe and the Middle East has been suffering, in one form or another, for the past thousand years: the unbending wrath of religious extremists. Religious conflict is what drove settlers to New World in the first place, and up until 9/11, America managed to leave the overseas religious disputes and violence behind. The U.S. does have its own soiled background of anti-Catholicism during the influx of Irish immigrants in the 1800s, as well as a history of less-than-welcoming attitudes toward Jewish newcomers. More recently, the assassinations and clinic-bombings committed by anti-abortion activists have been carried out in the name of religious extremism. But otherwise, America’s pre-9/11 mindset has been that religious violence generally happened “over there.” So when planes piloted by hijackers with a seventh-century ideology came crashing into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, the world got a little smaller and America entered into the conflict that today shows no signs of stopping.

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