Should Elected Officials Have to Obey the Law? Liberty Counsel Can’t Decide

Let me summarize the ACLU’s position on Kim Davis: She’s a government official who refuses to sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples. Her rationale is irrelevant. She needs to abide by the law and do her job. If she can’t, then she must resign.

Liberty Counsel, the group defending Davis, says that she is being “held as a prisoner for her religious beliefs.” In other words, because she has a religious objection to the law, the government ought to accommodate her request to not have to sign marriage licenses. Even if that means sending gay couples (who pay taxes in the county) to the next county over.

Here’s the problem.

That same organization said very different things when gay marriage was illegal and some government officials were giving it a green light in their own municipalities.

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10 More Quick Takes on the Jailing of Kim Davis

1) The woman who actually sits next to Kim Davis in this picture is not-at-all amused by the Twitter parody account @nexttokimdavis:

Her name is Melissa Thompson. She does, in fact, sit next to embattled Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis. And she’s not amused.

Thompson, a deputy clerk in Rowan County, said she’s seen the Twitter feed and doesn’t think it’s funny — “not with that language.” She declined to comment further.

This office’s holiday parties must be incredibly depressing…

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Biddeford (Maine) Residents Angry That Elected Officials Skip the Pledge and Get to Work

In Biddeford, Maine, the City Council says the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of meetings. The Public Safety Committee usually doesn’t. But the PSC’s agenda a few weeks ago included the Pledge by accident, so City Councilor Marc Lessard just skipped it and the committee got straight to work.

This, for some reason, is very controversial.

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Oklahoma Attorney General Can’t Decide if Ten Commandments Monument is Religious or Not

Back in June, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that a Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the State Capitol was unconstitutional:

The Governor ordered the monument to stay put while the state appealed the decision any way it could. That led Attorney General Scott Pruitt to file a request for a rehearing of the case.

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14 Quick Takes on the Jailing of Kim Davis

1) I guess they didn’t let Kim Davis wear a crown of thorns in the mugshot.

2) Today is the first day Davis has an acceptable reason for not issuing marriage licenses.

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