Gun Confiscation: The Right-Wing Christian’s Worst Nightmare

One of the most common nightmare scenarios posited by popular radio/Internet personality Alex Jones is that the U.S. Federal Government, having been co-opted by a vast constellation of evil forces collectively known as the “New World Order,” will someday attempt to seize citizens’ firearms. This could occur imminently, Jones often warns; like legions of God-fearing, patriotic Americans, he’d view any such forcible confiscation as tantamount to an act of war — and quite possibly cause for open revolt. [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer: God Could Have Saved Those Kids, but He Won’t Go Where He’s Not Wanted

Christianist Bryan Fischer has an explanation for the Connecticut shootings, too: [Read more...]

FOX News Host to Atheist: You Offended Me With Your Billboard So I’m Going to Laugh About the Murder of Your Group’s Founder

David Silverman went on FOX Business Channel with host Stuart Varney earlier today to explain why saying “Merry Christmas” to an atheist can be offensive. [Read more...]

Can an Evangelical Christian Family Sell Medical Marijuana?

A couple of years ago, Pat Robertson said something sensible (bear with me here) about marijuana: [Read more...]

FOX News Commentator (Unsurprisingly) Hates The Obama Christmas Card

I don’t know if you heard, but there is a War on Christmas, y’all! Fear not, though. FOX News Radio’s Todd Starnes is all over it! (True story about Starnes: His Twitter bio says that “He occupies the far right side of the Fox News Corner of the World.” I can’t imagine what it’s like all the [Read More...]