The Liberal Bias on Sesame Street…

No, really. I heard it on FOX News. So it must be true. Because we all know how Cookie Monster used all that welfare money on his addiction… And Elmo was red! That Commie bastard. (Thanks to Shannon for the link) [Read more...]

The Graduation Was Like ‘a Revival Meeting’

I know you’re all wondering what happened at the Medina Valley Independent School District’s graduation in Castroville, Texas yesterday since the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said prayers would be allowed there. Have a look: The headline at the Christian Post says it all: “Texas Graduation Takes Advantage of Prayer Ruling, Goes All Out” [Read More...]

Australian Government Wants to Make Discrimination Legal

I don’t know the ins and outs of the Australian government, so this article was a bit confusing to an American like me, but reader Andrew was nice enough to explain a new bill passed by the country’s Parliament: In Australia we have very good anti-discrimination laws which prevent establishments from discriminating against people for [Read More...]

Must Not Tell Anyone About the Free Condoms…

Quick: What’s wrong with this billboard? If you guessed “IT PROMOTES PREMARITAL SEX!” then you win! The billboard, just outside Bryson City, North Carolina, is the focal point of a lot of controversy because of the “FREE Condoms” part of it. [David] Monteith,… a county commissioner, worries the billboard sends the wrong message to kids. [Read More...]

More Catholic Adoptions Agencies in Illinois Are Shutting Down

Remember how the Catholic Charities of Rockford (Illinois) were so freaked out by the possibility that children might have to be placed in the homes of gay couples because of the new civil unions law that they shut down their state-funded adoption services altogether? Well, the Catholic Charities of Peoria and the Catholic Charities of [Read More...]