Why is the Sign Outside a Texas Public Library Promoting Christianity?

Of all the things a public library should be advertising, Christianity isn’t on the list. But that’s what been going on in Odem, Texas, where the Odem Public Library has advertised two separate Christian events:

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Hashtag “Muslims Are Not Terrorists” Spreads on Social Media, Despite Paris Attacks

“Muslims are not terrorists,” claims a hashtag that’s just become the expression du jour of an online grassroots campaign.

But actually, the swine who killed scores of Parisians yesterday clearly were both.

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Sen. David Vitter, Who Told His Escort Mistress to Abort Their Love Child, Says Gays Are Ruining Marriage

Louisiana Senator David Vitter, the conservative Christian who was embroiled in a sex scandal years ago in which he saw an escort for years and allegedly told her to abort their love child, now says gay people are ruining the sanctity of marriage.

Vitter, who’s currently running for Governor, made the comments on Thursday during a speech at the Jefferson Baptist Church:

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Bill Maher’s Interview with Muslim Feminist Asra Nomani Was Fascinating

On last night’s Real Time, Bill Maher interviewed Muslim feminist Asra Nomani (author of Standing Alone).

Topic of conversation? Why liberals (of all people) have such a hard time admitting that religion is a major part of the problem when it comes to terrorists killing in the name of it and advancing policies that specifically hurt women.

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Atheist Activist is (Again) Charged with Putting Stickers on Ohio Courthouse’s Church Directory

A year ago, I posted about a message board encased in glass outside the Athens County Courthouse (in Ohio) that listed the addresses of all the houses of worship in the area.

Eliot Kalman, a resident who used to head up the local branch of the ACLU, believed the presence of that sign was unconstitutional… he complained about it to local officials but they responded by saying they were simply providing information to the public, not promoting any of the religious groups — and that he could request his own group be added to the list if he wanted. Unsatisfied with that answer, he fought back by putting a giant sticker on the board:

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