Secular Invocation Delivered in Lake County, Florida

On Tuesday morning, in Lake County, Florida, Cynthia Lodyga delivered a fantastic secular invocation before a Commission Meeting:

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Todd Starnes is Somehow Making Fox News Channel Even Less Credible

In the least surprising news you’ll hear all day, Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes is a liar with no journalistic credibility.

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you know how many times we’ve posted stories fact-checking Starnes’ articles (and sermons).

Now, Jonathan Merritt, writing for The Atlantic, has a story about how Starnes is tarnishing the already-pathetic reputation of Fox News:

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Conservative Pundit Warns Refugees Will Plot Muslim Takeover in the United States

Every now and then, you’ll read something so incredibly dumb that you can’t help but marvel at the depths of its stupidity. Such is the case with a recent piece up at American Thinker. Not much thinking was done in the composition of this stomach-turning word vomit from conservative pundit Ed Straker. His fear? That taking in Muslim refugees will undermine the Judeo-Christian nature of America.

Putting aside the fact that America is not and never has been a Judeo-Christian nation, his description of why it matters that we are supposedly a Judeo-Christian nation is utterly stunning:

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Kim Davis’ Lawyer Says a Host on The View Called For Davis To Be Killed

Mat Staver, the lawyer for Kim Davis who’s doing his best to prolong his time in the media spotlight, said on Liberty Counsel’s “Faith and Freedom” show today that Davis needs prayers because she’s received a lot of death threats.

Obviously, anyone who does that deserves total condemnation.

But Staver specifically pointed to a threat made on a popular TV show:

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Arizona City Council Adopts Christian-Only Invocation Policy

The Coolidge City Council in Arizona (below) passed a resolution this week saying it would have invocation prayers at all future meetings.

We’ve seen this play out many times now. Yes, invocations are legal, but they must be inclusive. Atheists, Satanists, Hindus, Mormons, and everyone else must be allowed to deliver those prayers.

The leaders in Coolidge don’t care about that “inclusivity” nonsense, though. While passing their resolution, they included an amendment that said only Christians could deliver the prayers:

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