Georgia’s Lt. Governor Trashes “Extreme Atheists” in Fundraising Letter for Gubernatorial Campaign

Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle is making a pitch for why he should be Governor in 2018 by throwing atheists under the bus.

A fundraising letter sent by Cagle and obtained by the Atlanta Journal Constitution is stamped with the line, “Don’t Let Atheists Ban Georgia’s Football Chaplains.”

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After Islamic Center Labeled “Radical,” Local Humanists Reach Out in a Gesture of Friendship

After the Daily Caller News Foundation posted a map of supposed “radical mosques” in the U.S., it wasn’t long before threats were made against them.

For example, the Pullman Islamic Center in Washington ended up on the list…

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Cristin Padgett is Running for Texas State House and She’s Not Hiding Her Atheism

Over the summer, Texas State Rep. Scott Turner, a Republican, announced that he would not be running for re-election next year, leaving a vacancy in House District 33 (which includes the cities of Frisco and Rockwall).

Cristin Padgett, a Democrat, wants that seat. And before anyone can “out” her, she’s coming right out and letting everyone know she’s an atheist:

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Australian Prime Minister Irresponsibly Blames Paris Attacks on “Godless” Terrorists

Following the terror attacks in Paris, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was quick to describe who the real enemies were.

Unfortunately, he’s so afraid of linking these terrorists to Islam that he’s instead heading in the complete opposite direction.

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Here’s the Religious Test for Syrian Refugees Who Want to Prove They’re Christians

Now that Republicans like Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz have said they would only allow Christian refugees from Syria to enter the country, Dru Johnston at Funny or Die gives us a glimpse of the new religious test that the GOP will put in place:

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