Meet the Goat Blood-Drinking Senate Candidate Calling for Civil War

The U.S. is no stranger to religious extremist politicians. For goodness’ sake — a full third of the remaining GOP candidates for President could easily fit the bill. But every once in a while, a faithful candidate will come along who’s a special kind of special. Such is the case with Florida’s Augustus Sol Invictus.

The Libertarian candidate for the Senate is certainly a colorful figure — a pagan practitioner described on his own website as a “radical philosopher and infamous social critic.” Others within his party disagree with that characterization. In fact, the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida disagrees so much that he has now tendered his resignation.

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Religious Group to Bless Ohio Abortion Clinic

In a world where Congress is trying to defund the largest provider of women’s healthcare in the nation over debunked propaganda, and restrictions on access to reproductive healthcare are reaching perilous highs, it’s always nice to see a group standing up for a woman’s right to choose, even if that support is coming from unlikely corners.

How unlikely? Well, how about a group of religious leaders in Ohio?

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Britain’s Extremism Disruption Orders Are Just Another Form of Extremism

Extremism disruption orders (EDOs) are not a new thing in Britain. The orders are meant to do what the name implies: disrupt extremist behavior through legal action in order to tamper down on those who promote hatred or violence. The concept was introduced as a means of combating religious extremists, primarily by going after Islamic extremists in a climate where terrorism has people whipped into a state of near constant fear about Muslims.

But Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron (below) continues to push the envelope.

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Gov. Bobby Jindal Says Public Presidential Prayer Will Solve Gun Violence

In case you missed it, Louisiana Governor and GOP Presidential candidate Bobby Jindal made great strides towards claiming “World’s Worst Human” status yesterday as he lashed out at the Oregon college shooter’s father, claiming that he was a deadbeat dad and that’s why his child shot up a school.

Even though those assertions were baseless and vile, in true Jindal fashion, he’s standing by his disgusting rhetoric.

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Mike Huckabee Makes Up Founding Father Quotations to Support Religion in Government

Anyone who knows anything about the Internet knows that you should probably double check before sharing a meme with a quotation. That Marilyn Monroe quip? Probably not one of her missives. That platitude from Gandhi? I doubt he said it. It’s become the golden rule of responsible social sharing: fact check yourself before you wreck yourself.

We all make mistakes in this arena now and then, but such is life in the digital era. But there’s a difference between a meme you’re not supposed to think much about and a book that’s supposed to have a longer shelf life. If you’re writing a book defending your personal philosophy, incorrect attribution or inaccurate phrasing is a little less forgivable. But flat-out making up quotations to support your argument? That takes a special kind of liar.

Which brings us to Mike Huckabee.

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