According to Christian Group in Florida, God Wants Bradford County to Be Hit with a Lawsuit

Remember when Community Men’s Fellowship (a Christian group) gave the city of Bradford County, Florida the gift of a Ten Commandments monument to put outside the county courthouse? American Atheists filed a lawsuit (PDF) against the county when that happened. They asked nicely first, but the county didn’t comply, so now they have 60 days [Read More...]

Secular Coalition for America Announces Phase Three of Expansion

Phase Three of the Secular Coalition for America’s plan to create state chapters across the country begins next week with conference calls for people interested in creating the chapters! And more news on that front will be coming soon Can’t wait to share it with you! If you’d like to help be a part of [Read More...]

Alexander Aan: Both a Symbol and a Real Person in Need

Many of the bigger secular and civil rights organizations have been making noise about the case of Alexander Aan, the 30-something civil servant of West Sumatra, Indonesia, who was beaten by an angry mob and then arrested and convicted… all for stating his atheism on Facebook. At the Center for Inquiry (where I work), Aan’s [Read More...]

Atheist S.E. Cupp: ‘I Would Never Vote for an Atheist President’

When I posted about S.E. Cupp last week, it was because she was complaining about how “crazy, militant atheists” (a.k.a. the Secular Coalition for America) had released a presidential “scorecard” grading the candidates on how they treated issues of church/state separation. Somehow, I missed the other “revelatory” thing she said: It followed commentary on whether [Read More...]

Evangelical Christian Radio Host Says ‘Tax Atheists Who Don’t Go To Church!’

Radio host Bryan Fischer received a very interesting email yesterday from an anonymous listener who had, in Fischer’s own words, “a brilliant, brilliant idea.” Observe: We talk frequently on this program about how people who have an active, vibrant spiritual life are healthier.  They live longer, they are healthier, and they are happier.  Their physical health [Read More...]