University Discrimination Against Atheists?

I don’t have a lot of background on this story, but a reader brought it to my attention. Maybe someone with more knowledge on the situation can shed more light on what’s going on here. In 1976, the Code of Laws of South Carolina were written. Among other things, it discusses the University of South [Read More...]

Ground Zero Church

People are getting all hot and bothered by the (close to) Ground Zero Mosque (and community center)… but why aren’t we paying more attention to this? That is one freaky website, too… (via Reddit — Thanks to Joe for the link) [Read more...]

A Great Response to Pat Condell

Pat Condell has been releasing some less-than-stellar videos about his opposition to the (close to) Ground Zero Mosque (and community center). At least, I haven’t been a fan of them. But until I saw this excellent video by The Amazing Atheist, I hadn’t seen a response to him that I liked quite so much… Note [Read More...]

The President’s Religion

My latest column for the Washington Post On Faith blog deals with the question: “Does it matter what religion the president is?” … The Constitution says that there can be no religious test for office and society needs to catch up to that idea. But there is a point when religion should come into play. [Read More...]

Since When Does Tolerance Only Mean Pro-Christian?

Karen McKay, a “retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel living in Western North Carolina,” has an opinion piece in the Asheville Citizen-Times that throws together just about every lie about church/state separation you can imagine, all so she can argue that people of faith like her who oppose the (close to) Ground Zero Mosque (and community [Read More...]