Opal Covey, Prophetess Who Warned of God’s Wrath, Comes in Last Place in Toledo Mayoral Race

Opal Covey, the Ohio native and self-styled “prophetess” who knew she would win the election for mayor of Toledo, has lost the election for mayor of Toledo.

She came in last place. It wasn’t even close. You can barely see the green representing her support in the chart below.

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Evangelicals Have Lost the Culture Wars, So Now What?

If you’re feeling really depressed, this will cheer you up.

It’s a long Christianity Today article about how evangelicals can try to flourish in a society where they’ve totally lost the culture wars. For example, achieving their goals might require them being in an environment where gay cooties are on the loose:

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WND Will Publish David Barton’s Misinformed, Inaccurate, Debunked Book About Thomas Jefferson

It was more than three years ago when Christian pseudo-historian David Barton‘s book The Jefferson Lies was yanked off the shelves by his publishers at Thomas Nelson due to all the inaccuracies in it.

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The 8 Most Terrifying Threats to Separation of Church and State

The separation of church and state, championed by thinking believers and non-believers alike across the United States, has been a key part of the country’s success since the First Amendment was adopted in 1791. This separation not only protects freedom of (and from) religion by ensuring the government isn’t affiliated with any particular faith; it also protects religions themselves from possible political interference. It was thought up by our Founding Fathers early on and has been upheld and expanded by the U.S. Supreme Court ever since.

But even with all these advantages, some people want to tear down the Wall of Separation. Here are the most serious threats against secularism in modern America:

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Creationist Claims Richard Dawkins Isn’t a “Real” Scientist and Should Stop Criticizing Dr. Ben Carson

In an excellent interview with Fareed Zakaria on Friday night, Richard Dawkins lamented all the Republican candidates who reject evolution, rightfully calling it a “disgrace.” He threw them a bit of a bone by saying he didn’t think they were all that ignorant; they were probably just pandering to their base.

The most specific criticism, though, was reserved for Dr. Ben Carson. As a skilled doctor, Dawkins argued, he should be first in line defending science, not disregarding the evidence in favor of primitive, biblical thinking.

That’s the part that infuriated Creationist Ken Ham.

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