Romney Ad Accuses Obama of Declaring War on Religion

The Republican National Committee has just released a new commercial accusing President Obama of being a big meanie-pants to religious people: So after the regular rhetoric of “Obama doesn’t share your values” — Side note: Am I the only one frustrated with the Religious Right’s hijacking of the word “values”? It infuriates me — they go into this little [Read More...]

NPR Factchecks Christian Pseudo-Historian David Barton

… and guess what they found? I hope you’re sitting down for this. It turns out David Barton just pulls a lot of stuff out of his ass. (But they said it more NPR-ly.) Here’s one example where Barton says the Constitution was taken “verbatim” from Scripture: NPR’s Elise Hu and Barbara Bradley Hagerty beg [Read More...]

Missouri Passes Unnecessary ‘Right to Pray’ Amendment

To continue the discussion on separation of church and state, Missourians have passed Amendment 2, which gives civilians the right to pray in public and requires schools to display the Bill of Rights. Among those provisions, the amendment also calls for the following (emphasis mine): • Ensures the right to pray individually or in groups [Read More...]

Christian College Provided Emergency Contraception to Employees… But They Only Got Mad When Obama Mandated It

A lot of religious schools have been freaking out over Obamacare because they’re now required to provide emergency contraception to their employees… and they think that amounts to promoting abortion… because they don’t actually know how birth control works. For the most part, it’s been Catholic universities leading the charge. But evangelical Mecca Wheaton College [Read More...]

Tennessee School Officials Post Ten Commandments in County Schools

The school officials in Jamestown, Tennessee have a problem. Actually, they *had* a problem. Then they fixed the problem. Then they decided they didn’t like the solution so they screwed everything up again. I’ll back up. Pine Haven Elementary school used to display the Ten Commandments everywhere: “As far as I know, there was one [Read More...]