Texas Has Approved a License Plate with the Phrase ‘One State Under God’ Next to Three Crosses

Remember when the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles wanted your input on some proposed “specialty license plate designs”? Well, they ignored everything you said and just approved this one: By a 4-3 vote on Thursday, the state board decided to allow the religious design created by Glory Gang, a nonprofit youth organization, to be accepted [Read More...]

Dissecting Rick Perry’s ‘Strong’ Ad

This is a guest post by Lisa. [Personal information has been removed.] … According to Rick Perry, our religious heritage is under attack. But what heritage is he really talking about? Perry’s by now infamous new ad makes some very broad and sweeping claims about the religious history of this nation. It is a far [Read More...]

New Jersey Nurses Join Ranks of ‘Conscientious Objectors’ Who Refuse to Do Their Jobs

Ten nurses at a New Jersey hospital have filed a lawsuit claiming the hospital’s new policy requires them to assist in performing abortions. They sued under a federal law which prohibits discrimination against any employee for refusing to “perform or assist in the performance of such a procedure or abortion on the grounds that his [Read More...]

Today in Irony: A Church Spreads Good Morals by Breaking the Law

Many religious groups don’t seem to get how the system works. It’s really pretty simple. The government doesn’t tax them as long as they stay out of politics. That temptation is hard to resist… In Texas, a church is being investigated for violating Texas’ election laws and possibly the federal tax code. The Texas law [Read More...]

Religious Groups React to Anti-Bullying Legislation Passed in Ontario

Premier Dalton McGuinty just announced that under new anti-bullying legistlation, students will be able to set up gay-straight alliance clubs (though the name may be different) in ALL public schools in Ontario. “We’re going to require that, at every school where students request that this be put in place, they be permitted to organize themselves [Read More...]