Spreading Christianity on the Sly: Chinese Students in U.S. Get Unexpected ‘Bonus’ of Church Teachings

How would this be for an appeal to foreign students? “Come to America for language immersion classes! Bonus: Free lessons in Christianity!”

I wouldn’t have the slightest problem with that — the cards are on the table, after all, so people can make up their own minds about whether or not the offer is attractive to them.

But that’s not not how it worked for almost three dozen Chinese students who’d traveled to the U.S. for English immersion classes. Neither they nor their parents were informed that the curriculum would involve a serious dose of Christianity, and that a Christian church was the main host for the program. Instead, the trip was pitched as a chance for the teenagers to practice English while immersed in American life.

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Everything is Bigger in Texas, Even Abortion Restrictions

Despite the herculean effort of State Senator Wendy Davis‘ 13-hour filibuster against a severely restrictive abortion bill a couple of weeks ago, Governor Rick Perry called for a special session of the Texas House of Representatives in a last-ditch effort to save the piece of legislation:

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Catholic Health Association Breaks with Bishops on HHS Birth Control Compromise

If you think women who work for Catholic hospitals should be able to access contraceptives as part of comprehensive health care packages, now would be a good time to celebrate a small victory.

Sister Carol Keehan, president and CEO Catholic Health Association (CHAUSA), has accepted the compromise that Obama’s administration offered to Catholic non-profits. Keehan has officially stated that, while Obama’s latest effort is not ideal, “it was a solution that we could make work, because it allows our members not to have to buy, contract for, refer, or arrange for contraceptive services.”

There’s just one small problem: the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops disagrees.

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Liberty Counsel: DOMA Repeal Will Lead to Christian Revolution

There’s a revolution coming — led by Christian Americans who are furious that the Supreme Court has redefined their marriages.

Or so says Mat Staver, the chairman of notoriously anti-gay Liberty Counsel. It comes as no surprise that Staver has long warned about the apocalyptic repercussions of repealing the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8. Now that the Supreme Court has all but abolished both anti-gay laws, Staver won’t keep quiet.

Here’s the video, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

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Did the Daily Oklahoman Reject a Full-Page Ad from an Atheist Group?

Last week, the Christian chain Hobby Lobby ran an ad (PDF) in dozens of newspapers proclaiming the Christian heritage of our country, with “godly” quotations from the Founding Fathers, the Supreme Court, and Congress. (They’ve been doing this for years.)

In response, the Freedom From Religion Foundation paid for several full-page ads of their own, celebrating our “godless Constitution” and how our Founding Fathers actually supported separation of church and state:

Everything seemed to go smoothly… except at the Daily Oklahoman, where FFRF says their ad was rejected.

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