What the Marriage Equality Decision Looked Like in Puerto Rico

Same-sex marriage is now legal in all fifty states, which you all know because of the rainbow images all over your Facebook feed. But U.S. territories saw their laws change on Friday, too, and the cultural and political effects of the decision in those sometimes far-flung parts of America has been tremendous.

Judging from news reports, most of the 3.5 million Americans in Puerto Rico — more U.S. citizens than in Mississippi or Utah — are ecstatic that same-sex couples can now be legally married there.

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About President Obama’s Speech in Charleston…

If you didn’t watch it yet, take the time to do it now (transcript here):

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After a Long Struggle for LGBT Rights, Enjoy This Front Page

From today’s New York Times:

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No, That’s the Least Offensive Part About the Confederate Flag

Campus preacher and sodomite-fighter Jed Smock has his own theory about why people have a problem with the Confederate flag: They just hate Christians.

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Atheists Sue Florida County Over Ten Commandments Monument Outside Courthouse

In February of 2014, I posted about how the Williston Atheists (in Florida) wanted to erect a pro-atheist monument outside the Levy County Courthouse where there was already a Ten Commandments monument (on the right in the image below):

The atheist group was modeling its efforts after what American Atheists did outside the Bradford County Courthouse in northern Florida where they installed a bench with atheist quotations to counter a Christian monument nearby:

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