The Religious Makeup of the 112th Congress

I wrote this post almost word for word two years ago. In fact, I just copied/pasted it, updating a few things along the way. It’s sad how little has changed since then regarding atheists in Congress. … What are the religious affiliations of members of the 112th Congress? Pretty similar to the American public — [Read More...]

Dave Silverman Talking About the Religious ‘Scam’ with Bill O’Reilly

When American Atheists put up this billboard in Alabama this week, I knew it would get attention, but I also felt it would be much more difficult to defend: To the atheists who sit in pews each week despite not really believing what they’re told, it makes sense to say “You know it’s a myth.” [Read More...]

I’m An Atheist, but Tucker Carlson’s a Dick

Earlier this week, President Obama called the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles to congratulate him on giving I-went-to-jail-because-I-was-involved-in-an-illegal-dog-fighting-ring Michael Vick a second chance to play football. FOX News personality Tucker Carlson wasn’t happy with Obama’s decision and said this on the air: “I’m a Christian… I believe in second chances. But Michael Vick killed dogs… [Read More...]

Grady Judd Wants to Take a Stand Against the Constitution

A couple days ago, I mentioned that Polk County (Florida) Sheriff Grady Judd removed basketball hoops from the county jail — because why should criminals be allowed any sort of fun recreation? — and gave them to local churches. The Atheists of Florida were already planning a lawsuit. What’s happened in the past couple days? [Read More...]

New Washington, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray’s First Act: Discriminate Against Atheists

***Update***: A peaceful protest of the event will occur this Sunday, January 2nd, from 6:30a – 8:15a at Washington Convention Center, 801 Mount Vernon Place, NW. If you can come, please bring signs showing how you feel. Examples include: “We Vote Too!” “There’s Room for Everyone in Government!” “Atheists Left Out in the Cold.” Please [Read More...]