Oklahoma House of Representatives Turns Into a House of Worship

At the start of the Oklahoma state legislature’s sessions, they invite a pastor to speak before the elected officials. It’s a part of the official business. On March 1st (PDF), Rep. George Faught invited Pastor Bill Ledbetter of Fairview Baptist Church to speak to the House of Representatives. And… well… you should just watch this: [Read More...]

Ontario City Council Members Wants to Reinstate the Lord’s Prayer

Last month, the Perth County Council (In Ontario, Canada) did something a lot of American city councils never have the courage to do. They passed a by-law (PDF) removing the Lord’s Prayer from the opening of their meetings, replacing it with a “Moment of Reflection.” It’s not the ideal change, but it’s better than the [Read More...]

Vermont Senate OKs Vaccination Bill

On Friday, the Vermont Senate passed a bill and sent it on to the House, ending the ability for parents to exempt their children from mandatory vaccinations before they enter school for philosophical reasons. The ability to exempt for religious reasons however remains in place. Not surprisingly, senators and state Health Department officials agreed that [Read More...]

In News That Won’t Surprise You, Kirk Cameron Said Something Stupid on TV

Kirk Cameron appeared on Piers Morgan last night to promote his “documentary” Monumental. But the focus was on his misguided beliefs, including the notion that homosexuality is immoral: MORGAN: What is your view of gay marriage? CAMERON: I feel like I just got imported into the Christine O’Donnell interview you did back in August. MORGAN: [Read More...]

The Year After the ‘Year of the Bible’

Wouldn’t it be great if the whole “Year of the BIble” resolution in Pennsylvania backfired…? (Cartoon by Celestia Ward, reprinted with permission of the Freethought Society) [Read more...]