Hijab vs. Habit

The cartoon (I can’t find the source) makes an excellent point: As one blogger puts it: There’s different views on the Islamic dress for women. Some say it’s very much an oppressive set of clothing that is forced upon women. Now yes, there are cases like that, but you can point to any organized religion [Read More...]

They Got Arrested for This?

Wait, they burned their own copies of the Koran and they got arrested for it? In a joint statement, Northumbria Police and Gateshead Council said: “The kind of behaviour displayed in this video is not representative of our community as a whole. “Our community is one of mutual respect and we continue to work together [Read More...]

What Should My Sign Say…?

It seems like everything has worked out and I’ll be able to attend the Jon Stewart “Rally to Restore Sanity”/Stephen Colbert “March To Keep Fear Alive” in Washington, D.C. on 10/30/10! *Happy dance* I am very excited, to say the least. The only thing that would make it better is a clever poster to haul [Read More...]

I Still Support the People Who Drew Muhammad

Chris Stedman, blogger at NonProphet Status, has a guest piece for Interfaith Youth Core founder Eboo Patel at the Washington Post On Faith blog. The topic: Molly Norris, the cartoonist who initially suggested Everybody Draw Muhammad Day, who later publicly regretted that decision, and who is now in hiding. A few college atheist groups chose [Read More...]

What the Hell Is Wrong with Republicans?

I’m so pissed off right now. I know everyone’s already written plenty about what Republicans did yesterday regarding Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. But I haven’t been able to rant yet. I was shocked when I heard the final vote count. I can’t believe that that many members of Congress think so little of gays and [Read More...]