Christian Liar David Barton Claims Pedophilia and Bestiality Are Government-Protected Gender Identities

David Barton, the Christian pseudo-historian who lies for a living, told another whopper on his “WallBuilders Live” radio show yesterday.

Claiming, with no citation, that the government now protects 82 gender identities (even more options than Facebook!), Barton explained to his guest Tony Perkins that the list includes pedophiles and people who have sex with animals:

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A Bad Lip Reading of the First Republican Debate

You know all those instances of pareidolia, where people “see” patterns that aren’t actually there (like Jesus in toast)?

It happens in lip reading, too:

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To Stop Harassment, Missouri Republicans Suggest “Intern Dress Code”

Earlier this year, Missouri House Speaker John Diehl (a Republican) resigned after it was revealed that he had sexted with a 19-year-old legislative intern. Months later, State Senator Paul LeVota (a Democrat) resigned after two interns accused him of sexual harassment (he denied the charges).

There’s clearly a problem in Missouri politics. So how do you fix it?

According to two Republicans: Tell the interns to wear more appropriate clothing.

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Iowa Official Says Local Display of Soldier Kneeling Next to Christian Cross Will Stay Put

If you visit Young’s Park in Knoxville, Iowa, you’ll see a display of a kneeling soldier, holding a gun, underneath a Christian cross:

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Interfaith Coalition to Oklahoma Officials: Get Rid of Ten Commandments Monument

Did you know we’re still talking about the Ten Commandments monument on the Oklahoma Capitol grounds?

Nearly two months ago, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that the monument was unconstitutional:

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