University of Illinois Students Draw Muhammad All Over Campus

After the South Park debacle in which Trey Parker and Matt Stone were not allowed to show an image of Muhammad — or even say his name — the Atheists, Agnostics & Freethinkers group at the University of Illinois wanted to show their support for free speech. So they went around campus with chalk and [Read More...]

Was Boobquake Feminist Enough?

The upsides to Jen McCreight‘s Boobquake event: Massive amounts of unintended publicity and the opportunity to ridicule an Iranian cleric who clearly deserved it. The downside: A lot of people said Jen’s idea was a bad one in the name of feminism. (A day for women to make their opposition to the foolish cleric known, [Read More...]

New Orleans City Council Declares May 6, 2010 a “Citywide Day of Reason”

This year, on the day when others are celebrating the “National Day of Prayer,” the city of New Orleans is doing something much more sensible. They’re declaring May 6th, 2010 a citywide Day of Reason: Whereas, the City of New Orleans is renowned for its food, festivals, famous citizens and foreign visitors; and Whereas, the [Read More...]

God Hates Graduating Fags, Says Westboro Baptist Church

Put yourself in the shoes of the children and administrators of Itawamba Agricultural High School for a moment. So far, administrators canceled prom so that lesbian student Constance McMillen couldn’t attend. Then, to make it worse, many of the adults and students were in on a prank against Constance in which they sent her to [Read More...]

Andrew Lovley Explains His Secular Invocation Speech

Back in December, the founder of the Southern Maine Association of Secular Humanists (SMASH), Andrew Lovley, delivered a secular invocation for Tom Coward, the new mayor of South Portland, Maine. There was a little bit of backlash from the secular community — some people objected to the very idea of invocations in the first place [Read More...]