Arkansas State Senator Behind Ten Commandments Monument Dismisses Debate Challenge from Satanist

Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert is the politician who filed a bill — now a law — to install a Ten Commandments monument on the Capitol grounds. He’s still supporting his bill even though a similar monument was just declared illegal in Oklahoma.

Now that The Satanic Temple is trying to install its own monument in Arkansas, along with several other groups, there’s a lot of talk about whether or not that’ll be allowed.

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Ohio Attorney General Announces $300,000 Grant to Ministry That Points Kids to Jesus

Athletes in Action, a part of Campus Crusade for Christ (“Cru”), is a group with a very straightforward goal:


Since 1966, Athletes in Action has been using sports as a platform to help people answer questions of faith and to point them to Jesus.

That’s all fine. They have a right to promote their faith as they wish.

But here’s a question for you: Why is Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine giving the organization $300,000 so they can promote Jesus to students?

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Texas Clerk with Wall of Crosses Says Faith Played No Part in Refusal to Issue Gay Couple Marriage License

When it comes to religious people in government jobs, the rule of thumb has always been this: You’re welcome to keep Bibles or religious symbols around your personal space, but you shouldn’t have it on display for the public where it might be seen as government endorsement of that faith.

That’s why public school teachers, for example, can have a Bible in their office desk but they can’t post Bible verses around the classroom. (If it’s a less intrusive symbol, like a cross necklace, do what you’d like.)

So when a gay couple couldn’t get their marriage license in Longview, Texas last Friday after Gregg County Clerk Connie Wade refused to issue one — ostensibly because she was waiting for direction from the Attorney General — you had to doubt her motive for two reasons.


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Hindus, Vegans, Satanists, and Pastafarians Could Get Space Next to Ten Commandments Monument in Arkansas

Now that Arkansas will install a Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the State Capitol — similar to the Oklahoma one below that was recently declared unconstitutional — it seems like everyone wants to take advantage of the opportunity.

We already knew The Satanic Temple wanted a piece of the action. But they’re not alone:

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Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law Could Allow Sex Offenders to Attend Church in Public Schools

Last week, we announced that the ACLU is officially opposed to Religious Freedom Restoration Acts, such as the one Indiana recently adopted amid public outcry about the potential for discrimination against gay people. That same week, the ACLU of Indiana filed an interesting lawsuit that both uses and challenges the state’s RFRA.

A new Indiana law that took effect on July 1 prohibits “serious sex offenders” from entering “school property,” including to vote or to attend a worship service at a church renting a public school, even though that worship, by definition, takes place when children are not in school. (The plaintiffs in this case were attending church at religious schools, but this will apply to churches in public schools too. And if you’re wondering about whether churches can legally rent schools for worship, see here.)

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