GOP Debate Paints Nightmarish Vision of a Republican Presidency

“Senator Cruz, start from you. Any word from God?”

It was late in the night as debate moderator Megyn Kelly asked the question, her face beginning to crack from a marathon effort at hiding her own disgust with the performances on the stage up to that point. The whole affair had been more akin to absurdist performance art than political discourse, at turns laughable but mostly terrifying. Even Kelly, known for her acerbic tongue, was struggling not to cringe.

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A Fourth Atheist Blogger Has Been Hacked to Death in Bangladesh

For the fourth time since the beginning of the year, an atheist blogger has been killed in Bangladesh.

Following Dr. Avijit Roy in February, Washiqur Rahman in March, and Ananta Bijoy Das in May — and apparently a brief respite during Ramadan — tragedy struck again yesterday in Dhaka when 40-year-old Niloy Chatterjee, an organizer of Science and Rationalists’ Association of India, was assassinated.

Chatterjee (who often wrote as Niloy Neel) was found decapitated in his home, with his hands cut off. His assailants (between four and six of them depending on which report you read) apparently got entry into his apartment by posing as tenants.

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A GOP Supporter Drink Menu for Tonight’s Primary Debate

For politicos, tonight is a big deal. The first presidential primary debate of the 2016 election cycle is like the start of the NFL playoffs, NBA finals, World Cup, and Olympic Games all rolled into one — except way more entertaining (and horrifying). Tonight, 10 of the 16 mainstream GOP hopefuls will grace the stage with all the pomp, circumstance, arrogance, and ignorance that one might expect from the party, and the expected fireworks are sure to make it must-see-TV. (The remaining candidates will participate in an earlier Trump-less debate.)

Every time one of these events rolls around, the Internet becomes saturated with a list of patriotic drinks and drinking game rules to add some spice to the debate-watching festivities. But what about the people actually taking these folks seriously? How can they celebrate? Look no further!

If you’re as excited as we are to laugh, cry, and fret over the people supporting these clowns over some strong spirits, you may want to turn elsewhere for some tasty libation recipes. But for those actually rooting for the clown car denizens, we’ve got just the drinks for you:

Rand Paul’s Old Fashioned Fool

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If the GOP Defunded Planned Parenthood, This is How Americans Would Suffer

The fight to defund Planned Parenthood isn’t going very well.

The reaction to a series of heavily-edited videos intended to cloud an already maliciously-distorted debate lost steam in the Senate, where the GOP fell short of the votes required to pass the initiative. Not that it really mattered; President Obama pledged to veto any such bill that crossed his desk.

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Protesters in Nepal Want to Do Away with a “Secular” Constitution… and They May Have a Point

The nation of Nepal used to be the only officially-Hindu nation in the world. Its Constitution said as much until 2008, when the Unified Communist Party took over and declared it a secular country. Politicians are currently working on a new Constitution and protesters are demanding that the “Hindu” nation designation come back.

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