Man Who Called Pro-Choice Women “Feminazis” Disinvites Donald Trump from Event Over Sexist Remarks

Donald Trump was supposed to be speaking this weekend at the conservative RedState Gathering in Atlanta, but he was disinvited late last night.

The reason? He told CNN that he was unhappy with moderator Megyn Kelly‘s questions at the GOP Primary Debate, blaming them on her period:

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Bryan Fischer: Attending a Gay Wedding is Like Going to the Opening of a Crack House

One of the bright spots during the Republican Primary Debacle Debate was when Gov. John Kasich spoke about how he would love his daughter all the same if she came out as a lesbian, adding that he recently attended a friend’s gay wedding despite his personal beliefs about marriage.

It wasn’t exactly accepting of marriage equality, but it stood out in that GOP field.

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Anti-Gay Christian Lawmakers in Michigan Planned Male Prostitute Hoax to Cover Up Their Own Affair

The only reason I’m familiar with State Rep. Todd Courser is because, two months ago, he introduced legislation that would (among other things) require marriage licenses to be signed by a religious leader — atheists be damned. He did all he could to get in the way of gay marriages.

Now, I have a much more interesting reason for knowing who he is…

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An Updated Timeline of the Attacks on Bangladeshi Writers and Bloggers

The recent attacks on atheist writers/bloggers in Bangladesh are part of a disturbing trend in the country over the past several years, as you can see in our graphic below:

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GOP Debate Paints Nightmarish Vision of a Republican Presidency

“Senator Cruz, start from you. Any word from God?”

It was late in the night as debate moderator Megyn Kelly asked the question, her face beginning to crack from a marathon effort at hiding her own disgust with the performances on the stage up to that point. The whole affair had been more akin to absurdist performance art than political discourse, at turns laughable but mostly terrifying. Even Kelly, known for her acerbic tongue, was struggling not to cringe.

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