The Religion and Abortion Question in Tonight’s Debate

I thought Joe Biden had a great answer. He has his personal views, influenced by his faith — something that means very little to me — but, importantly, he said he would never impose his views on other people. [Read more...]

Sometimes, Rough Drafts Can Be a Good Thing

How a political speech changes over time… [Read more...]

Sounds Like Humanism To Me, Too

A new online-only ad campaign from the American Humanist Association reminds us that many well-known personalities speak as if they were Humanists even if they don’t use the label [Read more...]

Arkansas Republican Candidate: I Support the Death Penalty… for Children

Charlie Fuqua, a Republican running for the Arkansas House of Representatives, thinks we should follow the Bible instead of the Constitution… including the bit about slaughtering disobedient children. [Read more...]

Opponents of Marriage Equality Are Pretending To Be Proponents of It and Are Lying To Voters

Opponents of marriage equality have reached a new low. They have been calling voters in Washington who support marriage equality and lying to them, telling them they need to reject Ref. 74 in order to allow same-sex marriage. Which is the exact opposite of true. They are flat out lying to voters and saying they’re [Read More...]