Pastor Urges Kids to Fail History Class on Purpose if They Have to Learn About Islam

There’s been an education crisis in Tennessee lately because the state’s Board of Education says that the seventh grade curriculum must include lessons on what Islam teaches, how it spread throughout world history, and how Muslims have contributed to mathematics, art, literature, etc.

I’m not sure why it’s a crisis, but that’s what conservatives are telling me.

The latest person to whine about kids learning about other major world religions is Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church who offers a solution to the non-existent problem.

He says parents should tell their kids to fail the class on purpose:

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Dr. Ben Carson: Muslims Can’t Be President Because They Oppose American Values

Yesterday, during an interview with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press, Republican Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson argued that Muslims should not be allowed to hold the highest office in the land because their beliefs are somehow inconsistent with American values:

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Mike Huckabee Trashes Obama’s Pick for Army Leader: He’s Just “Appeasing America’s Homosexuals”

On Friday, President Obama nominated Eric K. Fanning to be the next secretary of the Army. If confirmed by the Senate, which he probably will be given his extensive leadership history, Fanning would become the first openly gay person to hold that position.

But leave it to Christian hate-preacher and GOP Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee to dismiss Fanning’s nomination — not because he lacks any credentials, but because of what he does in the bedroom.

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Government Officials Shouldn’t Be Using Taxpayer Money to Finance the Pope’s Upcoming Visit

Here’s a question that’s going to come up many times over the next few weeks: How much taxpayer money should be used to finance Pope Francis‘ trip to the U.S.?

Correct answer: None. He’s a religious leader and it’s not the government’s responsibility to create advertisements for Catholicism. No other religious leader would (nor should) get this sort of treatment.

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Cara Santa Maria on Whether There’s a Secular Awakening Happening

Dave Rubin, fresh off his interview with Sam Harris, invited Cara Santa Maria on his show and the two discussed coming out as an atheist, why the godless are so hated, and whether there’s a “secular awakening” going on:

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