European Court to Christian Political Party: You Have to Allow Women in Your Party to Run for Public Office

The Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij (SGP) is a Dutch political party known for its fundamentalist Christian beliefs. The SGP didn’t support women’s suffrage a long time ago and, more recently, they didn’t allow women to become a Member of Parliament on behalf of their party. The SGP professes the absolute authority of the Word of God [Read More...]

A Giant Cross in Dugger, Indiana Must Come Down (Fixed)

If you visited the town of Dugger, Indiana over the past two years, this is what you would have seen: That’s a 26-foot-tall cross on public property. Until recently, no one ever complained about it. But Americans United for Separation of Church and State sent the city a letter asking them to take it off [Read More...]

Well, If You’re Going to Whip It…

(In response to this post) [Read more...]

Alexander Aan: Our Plea to the President, My Plea to You

I’ll begin with the lede: There is a critical petition launched by the Center for Inquiry on behalf of Alexander Aan, the jailed Indonesian atheist (I promise this won’t be the only thing I write about here, but this is very important). We want the White House to speak out on his behalf, but I [Read More...]

American Atheists’ Pennsylvania State Director Will Desecrate the Koran if ‘Year of Religious Diversity’ Resolution Isn’t Dropped

***Update 3***: American Atheists’ President Dave Silverman issued this statement to me: AA will not take part in Bible or Koran desecration, although we wish to stress that we have NO respect for so-called ‘holy books’. If Ernest does it, it’s not with our support or under our name. … Well, shit. You all know [Read More...]