Judge OKs City Council Prayers

U.S. District Judge Charles Siragusa has ruled that the Greece (New York) City Council can open its meetings with prayer: The judge signed an order Thursday tossing out a lawsuit filed by two residents of the town of Greece who had complained that prayers held at the start of town council meetings favored Christians and [Read More...]

The AFTAH Anti-Gay-Rights Academy: A Protester’s Perspective

Andrea Crain devotes a lot of her free time to achieving full LGBTQ equality with Join The Impact Chicago. When she heard that the Americans for Truth About Homosexuality was holding a three-day “Truth Academy” in order to train the next generation of anti-gay-rights activists, she wanted to be a voice of dissent. So she [Read More...]

My Night at a Focus on the Family Event

Friday night, Jen McCreight and I attended a “Celebrate Family Tour” at Wheaton College, hosted by Focus on the Family. Why? Because it was so close… and what better way to spend your Friday night than getting silently furious while listening to Christians talk about how they’re superior to atheists with regards to raising children, [Read More...]

Lakeland City Council Finds Loophole to Allow for Religious Invocations

In Florida, the Lakeland City Council members can’t get enough prayer. They invite predominantly Christian people to deliver invocations and they see nothing wrong with this. The Atheists of Florida filed a lawsuit (PDF) telling them to stop. They even suggested a compromise: Don’t pray, but we’ll accept a moment of silence. What did the [Read More...]

National Association of Evangelicals Opposes Koran Burning

Pastor Terry Jones is still planning to burn Korans on September 11th but there’s opposition coming from within Christendom. The National Association of Evangelicals has condemned plans by a Florida church to burn copies of the Quran on the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. “The proposed burning of Qurans would be profoundly offensive to [Read More...]