Pastor Who Once Prayed for Congressman’s Death is Now Running for President

In 2010, Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) died. Murtha had been a staunch opponent of the War in Iraq and frequently butted heads with the Religious Right. In response to his death, one of the more disturbing responses came from Pastor Wiley Drake of First Southern Baptist Church in California (below), who sent out an email saying the congressman’s death may have had something to do with his prayers:

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Another Ten Commandments Monument Erected Outside Oklahoma Courthouse

Just a day after the Ten Commandments monument outside the Oklahoma State Capitol building was taken down because it’s illegal government promotion of religion, the Johnston County Commissioners (in the same state) have put up a similar monument outside the local courthouse:

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Texas City Council Only Lets Atheists Deliver Invocations if a Christian Gets To Pray Afterwards

The Keller City Council in Texas has invocation prayers at meetings. It’s legal, so we have to live with it, but it doesn’t mean we can’t participate.

That’s why, last year, my friend Zach Moore of the Keller Humanists requested to deliver one of those invocations. Mayor Mark Matthews initially said no to him, but eventually relented at the request of the pastor who coordinated the speakers.

There was just one caveat: Moore could speak… but only if he was followed by a Christian speaker.

In other words, they weren’t going to have a meeting without a Christian prayer. It’s like saying, “You can┬ásay what you want… but I’m always going after you in order to have the last word.”

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John Kasich Tells Medicaid Opponents to Read the Bible

John Kasich was never going to be the Republican nominee for president. The Ohio governor is currently polling at the bottom of the pack alongside Mike Huckabee in the latest PPP poll, and his most recent maneuver probably won’t help. What’s his sin? Telling the Religious Right to read their bibles.

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Bobby Jindal Blames Shooter’s Father and “Cultural Decay” for Oregon College Tragedy

Bobby Jindal is a joke of a politician. He’s run his state of Louisiana into the ground and continues a presidential campaign with less than one percent of GOP support on a platform that says immigrants need to assimilate better. He’s long been the discount store version of Mike Huckabee‘s fire and brimstone, so the idea of him Bible-thumping for attention is far from surprising.

In a post for the conversation website Red State, though, Jindal has sunk to new and deplorable lows.

He starts out predictably, booming about “cultural decay” and “rot.” He says our boys will “never become real men,” complains that video games are poisonous, laments how God is absent from the family, and claims gun control doesn’t matter. It’s the same old culture war routine he’s been delivering for a decade now.

But then he makes a sharp turn towards ugly. After pounding out his list of what really ails this country, he takes aim at the shooter’s father:

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