I Think the Billboard Has Made It

You know your atheist billboard has made it when it’s referenced in a political cartoon: And, of course, the original has been getting attention for weeks: American Atheists president Dave Silverman tweeted yesterday that it was the first day he’s had no media interviews since the campaign began — an incredible feat of publicity when [Read More...]

His Christian Views Didn’t Work Against Him

In Arizona, Christopher Gleason was nominated to serve on the state’s Independent Redistricting Commission (a powerful body that draws “lines for congressional and legislative districts”). He had the support of Republican House Speaker Kirk Adams. But it turns out he won’t be serving… Before I explain why, you need to know a couple important pieces [Read More...]

Atheists Protest Hartford City Council Prayers

When atheists protested a city council meeting in Hawaii earlier in the year, they came out on top — they were found “not guilty” of disorderly conduct in court. Maybe that’s the inspiration for another city council protest that took place in Hartford, Connecticut last night. Members of the Connecticut Valley Atheists plan to silently [Read More...]

Why Isn’t the IRS Going After James Meeks?

Rev. James T. Meeks, a pastor and Illinois State Senator, is running for mayor of Chicago — he has little chance of winning — and the Chicago Tribune ran a front-page story yesterday about how he’s just egging the IRS to go after him: Nearly every Sunday since announcing his bid for mayor, Meeks has [Read More...]

A Way To Stop Government Nativity Scenes?

Brookville, Indiana residents want to keep a nativity scene on government property. The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to Franklin County commissioners and the Brookville Town Council demanding the removal of the scene from the courthouse lawn. The group said that the display violates the First Amendment and said it had received a [Read More...]