Evangelical Christians Are Opposing… What?!

These two headlines fit together nicely… And… Evangelicals want to stop Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign because she’s obviously trying to convince children to stray from the Christian faith! It all makes sense now… Here’s something else that doesn’t make sense: Evangelicals don’t want the government telling people what they should or shouldn’t eat, but they [Read More...]

Libertyville’s Creationist Science Teacher Keeps Job and Receives ‘Remediation’

My thoughts on Libertyville High School’s Creationist science teacher are now up on the Chicago Tribune‘s Seeker blog. Here’s the opening: Beau Schaefer, a science teacher at Libertyville High School, has learned the punishment for preaching creationism in the classroom: Nothing. After a school board meeting Tuesday night in which both sides of the evolution [Read More...]

Christian Group Opposes Telling Children the Truth About Sex

Here’s what I know about Senate Bill 1619, filed recently by Illinois State Senator Heather A. Steans: It calls for comprehensive sex education, while supporting abstinence: Each class or course in comprehensive sex education offered in any of grades 6 through 12 shall include instruction on both abstinence and contraception for the prevention of pregnancy [Read More...]

Lawrence O’Donnell Tells the Truth About the Book of Revelation

Last night, Lawrence O’Donnell ripped into Glenn Beck and Christianity while setting the record straight on Thomas Jefferson: The transcript below is adapted from the MSNBC website and may not be verbatim: I’ve gotten to Beck as no one has before, thrown him off his game by going where none of his television critics have [Read More...]

Interfaith Placation

Can atheists really participate in “interfaith” work? It’s been a touchy subject lately, and I’m not convinced we can. No doubt people from different backgrounds can work together to advance common goals, and President Obama alluded to this late last week with a new proposal: The White House is launching the President’s Interfaith and Community [Read More...]