Holland, Michigan: Gays Won’t Have Equal Rights Here

Last year in Holland, Michigan, a pastor suggested that the city council add sexual orientation and gender identification to the non-discrimination policy. Last week, the City Council shot down the proposal on a 5-4 vote. And now, conservative groups are trying to bring down the candidates who voted to expand the anti-discrimination laws. Not surprisingly [Read More...]

The Hypocrisy of Ruben Diaz

New York State Senator Rubén Díaz, Sr. is the lone Democrat against marriage equality right now. The Village Voice‘s Steven Thrasher just had this jaw-dropping interview with him: All right, let me ask you about this. You believe marriage is between one man and one woman, yes? Yes [laughing] So? Why are you asking me [Read More...]

We Need More God On That Seal

This is the current seal for Greene County, Missouri: If you can’t tell, it’s missing something. Figure it out yet…? YES! God. Apparently, it needs more God. Thankfully, county commissioners Harold Bengsch, Jim Viebrock, and Roseann Bentley have unanimously approved adding the phrase “In God We Trust” to the seal. (Good to know their priorities [Read More...]

Forget the Mormons…

For all the talk about how people might not vote for a Mormon, let’s not forget that atheists consistently rank at the bottom of all those “who would you not vote for?” lists. According to Gallup, 22% of Americans say they wouldn’t vote for a Mormon (even from their own party). But 49% wouldn’t vote [Read More...]

Voting Against God in Ohio

A few weeks ago, I posted about how Jon Husted, the Ohio Secretary of State, was holding an online poll to decide which “I voted” sticker will be given out to voters this November. Two of those stickers featured the state’s motto “With God, All Things Are Possible.” For a while, those weren’t even close [Read More...]