After Possible Church/State Violation, Mayor Allegedly Tells Atheist: “Take Me to Fucking Court because I Don’t Care”

Earlier this month, we saw how rough things could be for the Omaha Atheists when their Adopt-a-Highway sign was vandalized:

We’re now getting an idea of how hostile it can really be in their community.

Yesterday, the city of La Vista hosted a “Faith & Freedom Day“:

Why was the city hosting a faith-based event? It was a question Omaha Atheists board member Robert Fuller had for Mayor Douglas Kindig (below). So he gave the mayor his business card at the event and requested a meeting at a later time to discuss any possible church/state violations.

And here’s how that went down, according to a press release from the group:

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Ted Cruz’s Father Blames the End of Public School Bible Readings for “Increased Teen Pregnancy” and “Moral Decay”

At a conference sponsored by the Family Research Council this week, Senator Ted Cruz‘s father Rafael Cruz went on a tirade about how Christian leaders need to get into politics and stop hiding behind their 501(c)(3)s:

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Vision Iowa May Be Reconsidering Its $140,000 Taxpayer-Funded Grant for a Christian Park

Earlier this week, we learned that Shepherd’s Garden, a Christian-themed park being built in Sioux City, Iowa, was set to receive a $140,000 grant from the taxpayer-funded “Vision Iowa” program:

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent the Vision Iowa group a letter detailing the constitutional violations that taxpayers would be on the hook for if the courts ruled against them:

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Under Pressure from the Christian Right, the Air Force May Rescind Its Ban on Proselytizing

Earlier this year, United States Air Force Academy Brigadier General Andy Armacost (below) addressed the entire faculty and told them in no uncertain terms that they could not proselytize while on duty.

It’s a rule that made perfect sense. Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation explained that the regulation was “an umbrella in a tsunami of Christian fundamentalist extremism.” Just imagine you’re in the Air Force and your commanding officer began to preach the Gospel. Much like if s/he were a Christian football coach, your unofficial options would be to play along and just nod your head or disagree and prepare to be reprimanded.

Why would anyone want to rescind that rule and allow officers to proselytize to their inferiors?

Because Religious Freedom, say the people who have no idea what it’s like to be in the religious minority:

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Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss American Atheists’ Lawsuit Against Ten Commandments Monument on OK Capitol Grounds

Oklahoma officials decided to put a Ten Commandments monument on Capitol grounds in 2012 and the decision has been coming back to bite them ever since.

Last year, the Satanic Temple made worldwide headlines when it requested its own monument on the property:

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