Conservapedia Explains What Atheists Do…

I know Conservapedia is a joke to begin with, but someone has to be taking it seriously, right? (Tea Partiers?) In any case, this article — their featured article of the day — is just uncalled for: An atheist trying to stop Christianity. Because that’s supposedly what we do. Even though there are no examples [Read More...]

Worship Huts

Yet another interesting take on the (close to) Ground Zero Mosque, this one courtesy of Overcompensating: That’s only the first panel; the rest are here. And don’t forget to read the fine print amendment (Thanks to Emily for the link!) [Read more...]

Rob Sherman Tries to Put a Stop to Local Ten Commandments Monument

Give credit to Rob Sherman, the atheist activist from Illinois, when he thinks there’s been a church/state separation violation, he does everything he can to put it to a stop. He just filed a lawsuit last week over the Bald Knob Cross. The reason for the lawsuit is… … to force Friends of the Cross [Read More...]

Catholic Group Rewrites Internet Poll After Results Are In

The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (a.k.a. anti-gay-marriage-people) had a poll up on their website asking “What do you think about Judge Walker’s decision to overturn Prop. 8 banning same-sex ‘marriage’ in California?” At one point, it was hit hard by the people from Daily Kos and these were the [Read More...]

Keith Olbermann’s Take on the (Close To) Ground Zero Mosque

Yet another opinion on Park51, this time from Keith Olbermann: “This is America, dammit, and in America, when somebody comes for your neighbor, or his Bible, or his Torah, or his Atheist Manifesto, or his Koran, you and I do what our fathers did and our grandmothers did and our Founders did. You and I [Read More...]