The 2010 Elections in a Nutshell

Somehow, during all the election craziness this week, I missed this story out of my own backyard: Congressman-elect Randy Hultgren, 44, from west suburban Winfield, is a state senator and evangelical Christian who said he “absolutely” believes that God directed his steps through the race. That faith would not have been shaken, even in defeat, [Read More...]

Is This the Best Way to Teach the First Amendment?

You’re a college professor and you want to teach your students about the First Amendment. Is this going too far? Putting fundamentalists in front of class is nothing new for Tim Boudreau, a Central Michigan University professor known for challenging his media law students each semester with an unpopular guest speaker designed to illustrate the [Read More...]

Atheist Candidate Wynne LeGrow Loses Congressional Race

Wynne LeGrow was the openly atheist doctor running for a House seat in Virginia’s fourth congressional district. The results are in and he has lost to Republican incumbent Randy Forbes. LeGrow, 65, is a retired physician from Emporia who said during the campaign he disagreed with Forbes on “just about everything” -– including religion. He [Read More...]

The Atheist Minority in Uganda

I hate the opening line, but the rest of the article is a nice profile of the atheists in Uganda, a country where only a small percentage of people don’t believe in a god. Some people think religion is a force for good? Here’s evidence to the contrary: Miracle-healer televangelists are all too readily embraced [Read More...]

Why I’m Not Voting for Bill Brady

There are plenty of reasons not to vote for Bill Brady for Governor of Illinois. The video captures some of the important ones… and it doesn’t even mention his belief in Creationism: Wherever you live, please go vote for the non-crazies. There are still a few of them out there. They’re not perfect, but they’re [Read More...]