Updates on the Stolen Mojave Cross Memorial

The Mojave Cross was stolen last week and we still don’t know who did it. Someone claims to know who did it and sent a letter to the Desert Dispatch on behalf of the thief. Among the many points made in the letter: 1. The cross in question was not vandalized. It was simply moved. [Read More...]

Lancaster Mayor Thinks You Can Pray at City Council Meetings

Even people not interested in the law know that the will of the majority does not trump the rights of the minority. Government prayers are no exception. You can’t pray in the name of Jesus or Vishnu or Zeus to open a city council meeting. Yet, Lancaster, California Mayor R. Rex Parris thinks it’s perfectly [Read More...]

Dan Barker Pwns Fox News Anchor

Man, it feels good to watch this clip. Dan Barker, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, schools the FOX News Channel rookie anchor in why the National Day of Prayer in unconstitutional: You almost feel bad for the kid… until you realize he’s just parroting the right-wing talking points on the matter. Hope he [Read More...]

George Rekers Is Completely Heterosexual

Roy Zimmerman reworked his song “Ted Haggard Is Completely Heterosexual” to describe some current events… [Read more...]

Texans for Truthful Textbooks Rally

American Atheists is sponsoring a rally to be held on the steps of the Texas Capitol building next Sunday, May 16th. The purpose is to fight back against the revisionist history being proposed by the conservatives on the state’s Board of Education. The “Texans for Truthful Textbooks” rally is organized to protest the Texas Board [Read More...]