In New Book, Russell Brand Says Richard Dawkins Is a Proponent of “Atheistic Tyranny” For Rejecting the Supernatural

Last year, the comedy actor and activist Russell Brand did an eleven-minute interview with BBC Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman that was a bit of Rorschach test of one’s political sensibilities. Brand had full-scale political revolution on the brain, and he talked less than coherently on the matter, clearly exasperating the more practical (and more jaded) Paxman.

Scores of moderate and right-leaning pundits found Brand confounding and lacking in intellectual heft. Many on the left, however, thought the interview was a thrilling example of someone finally speaking truth to power, possibly heralding a beautiful dawning of the Age of Aquarius Anti-Capitalism.

The excitement transcended national borders, with the YouTube clip

… being passed hand to virtual hand among Scandinavian intellectuals like a samizdat copy of Solzhenitsyn behind the iron curtain,

… in the memorable phrasing of David Runciman.

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Florida Judge Who Ran a Christian Ministry from the Courthouse Is Finally Kicked Out of Office

Judith Hawkins (below) was a county judge in Tallahassee, Florida who didn’t seem to care much about the law. That would explain why she used her government position to advance her religious ministry.

Hawkins is the founder of Gaza Road Ministries and she ran the company from the Leon County Courthouse. She also attempted to sell her ministry’s books to lawyers appearing in front of her. And it just got worse from there:

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Bill Maher Speaks About the Berkeley Controversy, Then Gets Berated by Panelist for His Comments About Islam

On last night’s episode of Real Time, Bill Maher addressed the controversy at UC Berkeley in which he was invited as a commencement speaker, only to have students protest his invitation, calling him a “blatant bigot and racist.” (Berkeley officials said they would not rescind his invitation.)

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Three Years After the Arab Spring, Secular Parties Get a Second Wind in Tunisia

Tunisians took to the polls over the weekend in the first free election under their new constitution, voting the secular Nidaa Tounes party into an 85-seat plurality over their Islamist rivals.

The results were a clear shift in the political climate of the country, where the Islamist Ennahda party had enjoyed a dominant position since the 2011 ouster of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Ennahda officially conceded defeat ahead of the final tally, congratulating their secular rivals and stressing the need for an inclusive, unity government:

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Alabama County Commission Gives $3,000 Grant to Support Baptist Ministry for Men

The Covington Baptist Association in Alabama has a simple strategy for success: “Get more men to church.” Because if they can get the men, they figure, the rest of the family will follow suit. That’s why they’re bringing in manly speakers like former wrestler Ted “The Million Dollar Man” DiBiase and Bow Hunter (it’s a thing) Scott Vernon.

Oh, they’ll also throw in a free steak if you attend.

While all of that is… um… great, there’s a bigger problem at hand. The Covington County Commission (below) is giving the group $3,000 in taxpayer money to support the ministry.

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