Leonard Pitts Responds to His “No Atheists in Foxholes” Comment

Miami Herald syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts recently wrote the following passage: As there are no atheists in foxholes, it turns out there are no small-government disciples in massive oil spills. No, with BP oil soaking the sands of his coastline, Jindal turned righteously to that big, sometimes bloated, often intrusive federal government, and asked for [Read More...]

A Terrific Gay Wedding Announcement

I love an engaged lesbian couple with a sense of humor: Is there anything that’s equally funny that you could use when two atheists get married? (via Joe. My. God.) [Read more...]

Gay People Do What…?

According to Martin Ssempa, everything you need to know about homosexuality can be summarized by 2 Girls, 1 Cup. It’s laughable, until you realize Ssempa is a leading advocate of the Kill the Gays bill in Uganda, which could sentence homosexuals to death. (Thanks to Joe for the link) [Read more...]

Miami Herald Columnist Uses “No Atheists in Foxholes” Phrase

Leonard Pitts, a syndicated columnist for the Miami Herald, wrote a decent article about how Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana has frequently opposed big government but is now backtracking because of the BP disaster: [Jindal] is singing a new song, starkly at odds with what he said last year in a speech before the Republican [Read More...]

Death Penalty Could Await Man Who Broke Free from Islam

The Maldives is a tiny island nation in the Indian Ocean. You wouldn’t want to live there. According to the revised constitution, in article two, it says that the republic “is based on the principles of Islam.” Article nine says that “a non-Muslim may not become a citizen of the Maldives”; number ten says that [Read More...]