The “Woman in a Rainbow Dress” Who Officiated Same-Sex Marriages In Arkansas This Weekend Has an Amazing Son, Too

Buzzfeed’s Tony Merevick has a great story about Laura Phillips, the infamous “woman in a rainbow dress” and ordained minister who helped officiate the weddings of several gay couples outside the Carroll County Courthouse after a judge in Arkansas ruled on Friday that a ban on same-sex marriages was unconstitutional:

When the time came to say “and by the power vested in me by the state of Arkansas,” Phillips didn’t just state it, she yelled it, while the crowd surrounding them cheered and wiped away tears.

“I might have been yelling with my whole heart. I was shaking,” Phillips said of that moment. “I had to pull over on the way home. It was amazing and it’s still kind of sinking in — the magnitude of what happened yesterday.” By the time the clerk closed for the day, 15 same-sex couples received marriage licenses.

Beautiful :)

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Roanoke County Supervisor Reiterates That Non-Christians Will Be Banned from Delivering Invocations

A few days ago, I posted that Republican Al Bedrosian, a member of the Roanoke County (Virginia) Board of Supervisors, said that only Christians would be delivering invocation prayers at their meetings from here on out, a direct violation of the Supreme Court’s decision last week:

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Atheist-Turned-Satanist Wants To Deliver Invocation at Local City Council Meeting

Chaz Stevens is an activist whose temper goes hot and cold, as does my affinity for him.

At one point, in 2012, I supported him when he fought to place a Festivus Pole near a Deerfield Beach, Florida fire station that already had a Nativity scene and menorah out front.

He wanted to do the same thing this past winter, this time in the state Capitol building.

I was still with him then… until he unleashed a tirade of profanity against other religious displays that were outside the fire station.

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How Should Atheists Handle Saying Oaths with the Words “So Help Me God”?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how to handle saying oaths with the words “So Help Me God” at the end.

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Ohio County Will Open Meetings with Prayer Because the Elected Officials Are Here “To Do God’s Work”

Lorain County, Ohio, is one of those places that will be re-instituting prayers at their commission meetings in the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision.

Commissioner Tom Williams (below), in explaining why they’re doing this, shows us exactly why the Court made the wrong decision:

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