Another Bobby Jindal Lie: “If You Disagree with Gay Marriage, They Put You in Jail”

We can add Bobby Jindal to the ever-growing list of Republican Presidential candidates who gleefully distort how the law works in order to butter up the base.

Speaking of Kim Davis, Jindal told Iowa talk radio host Simon Conway, incorrectly, that Christians who oppose marriage equality are being sent to jail:

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Ohio City Will Combat Heroin Problem with Prayer

If you have a heroin epidemic in your town, how do you solve the problem? Maybe make it a priority for law enforcement officials, or educate younger citizens on the harm of the drug, or create a public service advertisement?

If you’re Tom Palecek, the President of the Wadsworth City Council in Ohio, you skip right over those silly “useful” approaches.

Instead, you jump right to Jesus:

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George Takei’s Take on the Kim Davis Rally Was Great; His Response to a Troll Was Even Better

George Takei, like many of us, was disturbed by the Rally O’Righteousness yesterday featuring Mike Huckabee, Kim Davis, and lawyer Mat Staver.

So he expressed his outrage on Facebook with this sensible post:

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A Fox News Anchor Criticized Kim Davis’ Defenders As Her Lawyer Spoke at Her Rally

For the second time in a few days, a Fox News personality has openly ridiculed the Kim Davis saga. This time, though, it’s coming from one of the anchors.

Yesterday, Shep Smith provided commentary criticizing the arguments from Davis’ camp as lawyer Mat Staver spoke at the rally:

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No One Should Get a Free Pass Because of Their Beliefs, Says Lawrence Krauss

Lawrence Krauss, writing for the New Yorker, makes a connection between the Kim Davis saga and why he’s a self-proclaimed “militant atheist”:

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