That’s Not Her Name

I know FOX News doesn’t like the Freedom From Religion Foundation… or the GLBT community. But this is ridiculous. FFRF’s co-president’s name is Annie Laurie Gaylor. It takes 0.04 seconds of Google-time to figure that out. But who needs research when you can do this? You can see the full video clip below (the part [Read More...]

Baptists Kidnap 33 Haitian Children in the Name of God

Apparently, Christian sects are stealing children all over the place. First it was the Mennonites. Now, it’s the Baptists, some of whom are pictured below. This story is quite possibly more disturbing than the last. A group of Baptists kidnapped children from Haiti — some of whom were separated from their family because of the [Read More...]

Jamie Kilstein Goes After Anti-Gay Christians

Comedian Jamie Kilstein was in Chicago the other night at the Lakeshore Theater (which is the best place ever) and had wonderful material about Rick Warren, Ted Haggard, women’s ministries at Saddleback, gay rights, the Bible… and all the other wonderful topics you love to discuss I heard him channeling a little Patton Oswalt there [Read More...]

Ronald Reagan to Replace the Devil?

A man in Contra Costa County, California has a problem with the name of local peak Mount Diablo. He’s a Christian (you’re amazed, I know) and he has a suggestion for an alternate name: Mount Reagan. [Arthur] Mijares, a devout Christian, says he believes the word “Diablo” — Spanish for “devil” — is “derogatory and [Read More...]

Elmhurst City Council Wants to Waste Taxpayer Time By Praying

It hurts that much deeper when it happens in your neck of the woods. The mayor of Elmhurst, Illinois, Pete DiCianni, thinks that each City Council meeting should open with a prayer. “We’ve got a lot of parishes in this community that can be represented,” he said. “We’re doing God’s work up here, and we [Read More...]