Wanna Buy a Pope Shirt?

When Paul Sullivan‘s company created shirts for the Pope’s visit to the UK, he had high hopes: In August, Canon Pat Browne, dean of St Chad’s Cathedral in Birmingham, told the BBC: “The producers tell me it will raise somewhere in the region of £50,000 for the papal visit fund.” The shirts were a combination [Read More...]

The Hitchslap

Got some free time this weekend? Here’s 15 minutes of Christopher Hitchens at his finest It only gets better toward the end. [Read more...]

Are Anti-Gay Christians Responsible for the Suicide Trend?

For a moment, I almost agreed with Laurie Higgins. I know. It freaked me out, too. She was writing about the recent, awful trend of young gay men committing suicide and mentioned Tyler Clementi, the teenager who jumped off the George Washington Bridge to his death after his roommate secretly broadcast Tyler hooking up with [Read More...]

These Prisoners Are Allowed One Book: The Bible

When you have to spend a few months or a few years in prison, one way to pass the time is to surround yourself with literature. (Activist Leslie Zukor learned about how atheist books were rarely found in prisons and began a freethought books to prisoners drive. It was incredible how many prisoners requested books [Read More...]

The Cost of Security for Lars Vilks

Lars Vilks, one of many artists threatened over a Muhammad drawing, finished his lecture at Uppsala University in Sweden yesterday. Total cost for 130 police officers and additional guards? Nearly 800,000 SEK (or $120,125.60 US dollars). According to reader Richard: The basic law is something like this: if someone is threatened for expressing themselves (in [Read More...]