Appeals Court Rules Against FFRF in National Day of Prayer Case

You knew it was too good to last. Last year, the Freedom From Religion Foundation won a lawsuit which declared the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional. It was the correct decision, but a surprising one, nonetheless. U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb wrote in her decision: … the government has taken sides on a matter that [Read More...]

Ten Commandments Display Rejected in Louisiana

The Rapides Parish Police Jury did something right this week when they voted against putting the Ten Commandments in the parish courthouse. The motion failed Monday by a 6-3 vote… “I’m comfortable with what we did,” said District F Juror Oliver “Ollie” Overton. “Like I said, when I was sworn in, I took an oath [Read More...]

Christian and Atheist Politicians Debate ‘In God We Trust’ Sign in Missouri

Christianist Dee Wampler has been on a quest to have the phrase “In God We Trust” branded in every city in the state of Missouri. He believes this shouldn’t be a big deal since it’s our national motto. Wampler doesn’t care how much these cities would have to pay to create/put up the signs or [Read More...]

The Quick History of the Universe

If the Christianists in Tennessee get to teach Creationism in public schools, then it’s only fair that all churches should be required to play this fantastic TED Talk. In it, David Christian presents “a complete history of the universe”: It starts to get good at the 4:00 mark. (Thanks to Eli for the link!) [Read more...]

National Day of Prayer Video Parody

Nerdiah made a parody of the National Day of Prayer video that actually matches its ominous, yet ridiculous, mood I love the last 30 seconds: Now, where is that peanut butter and jelly…? [Read more...]