Earlier Tonight, an Atheist Delivered an Invocation in Greece, NY, the Center of the Supreme Court’s Ruling

Earlier tonight, Dan Courtney of the Atheist Community of Rochester delivered an invocation at the Greece (New York) Town Board meeting, making him the first atheist to do so at the focal point of this spring’s Supreme Court ruling.

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Eruv Battle Continues in Miami Beach

The other day, I posted about eruvs (AY-roovs), the religious loopholes that allow Orthodox Jews to leave the house and carry things on the Sabbath — which they’re technically forbidden from doing — by just… extended the boundaries of their property. Which they do by tying string around government-owned utility poles and creating a larger domain within which they can move around.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation recently sent a letter to officials in Miami Beach, Florida, urging them to stop allowing the religious items on government property.

Late last week, city attorney Raul Aguila responded to the FFRF and defended the eruvs:

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Backlash Ensues After Christian College President Signs Letter Supporting LGBT Hiring Discrimination

It’s becoming easier and easier for religious groups to defend their bigoted beliefs.

We obviously saw this in the Hobby Lobby decision, in which the Supreme Court ruled that the religious beliefs of certain corporation owners trump the needs of their employees, but the “religious exemption” claim has come up before, too — Christian-owned businesses refusing to serve LGBT people, for example, or Christian schools trying to shut out LGBT teachers and students.

One school in Massachusetts recently made a loud plea for legal, religious-based anti-LGBT discrimination, but thankfully their efforts may get cut short.

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The Supreme Court Republicans of the United States (SCROTUS)

Roy Zimmerman‘s latest song perfectly encapsulates the current state of our Supreme Court:

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A Catholic Doctor in Poland Refused to Perform or Facilitate an Abortion, so Warsaw’s Mayor Fired Him

Finally, some common sense at a Catholic hospital, but it’s not from within the walls.

Abortions are typically banned in Poland, but there are exceptions in certain instances like if the woman’s life is in jeopardy or if the fetus is seriously deformed or unhealthy. In the latter case, an abortion can be obtained only through the second trimester. If a doctor doesn’t want to perform the procedure, s/he must direct the patient to a different doctor who will.

On Wednesday, Mayor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz (above) of Poland fired the head of Holy Family Hospital, Dr. Bogdan Chazan, for ignoring those rules. A woman whose fetus had serious health problems wanted to obtain an abortion within the legally allowed timeframe — but Chazan not only refused to perform it, he didn’t tell her about her other options and made her take unnecessary medical tests that pushed her over the legal deadline for the procedure:

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