John Oliver Talks About the Importance of Defending Transgender Rights

If you missed it last night, John Oliver had an excellent segment on Last Week Tonight explaining why people need to care about transgender rights:

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Tennessee Legislators Introduce Useless Bill To Protect Pastors from Gay Marriage

Now that marriage equality is going nationwide, there’s a looming question of how the ruling will affect Christians. (Well, okay, it’s only looming in the minds of willfully ignorant people.)

The answer, of course, is that gay marriage won’t affect Christians at all.

Pastors who think gays and lesbians have cooties will continue to have the legal right to believe that and act on it in their churches. Everyone knows that. No one has ever said otherwise. The First Amendment already guarantees that right.

But Tennessee State Representatives Andy Holt and Bryan Terry have co-sponsored a bill making that already-in-place law even more clear.

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Texas Attorney General: Christian Clerks Are Allowed to Discriminate Against Gay Couples

Liberals have long maintained that if gay marriage were legalized, pastors would not have to perform those ceremonies and their churches wouldn’t be obligated to host gay weddings. Now that marriage equality has gone nationwide, conservatives are doing anything they can to put up hurdles to gay and lesbian couples who may want to take advantage of the new reality.

In Texas today, Attorney General Ken Paxton (below) released a statement saying that government workers who have religious reasons for discriminating against gay couples are allowed to treat them like second-class citizens:

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Thrice-Married Donald Trump: “I’m for Traditional Marriage”

During an interview that took place before Friday’s Supreme Court decision but aired this morning, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump what he would say to gay and lesbian couples who think of him as a hypocrite for being married multiple times while claiming to advocate for traditional marriage:

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What the Marriage Equality Decision Looked Like in Puerto Rico

Same-sex marriage is now legal in all fifty states, which you all know because of the rainbow images all over your Facebook feed. But U.S. territories saw their laws change on Friday, too, and the cultural and political effects of the decision in those sometimes far-flung parts of America has been tremendous.

Judging from news reports, most of the 3.5 million Americans in Puerto Rico — more U.S. citizens than in Mississippi or Utah — are ecstatic that same-sex couples can now be legally married there.

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