The Christian Right’s Reaction to Marriage Equality Parallels What Happened After Forced Desegregation

The reaction of the Religious Right to the decision in Obergefell has been entirely predictable. Rage and apocalyptic predictions intermixed with indignant insistence that marriage is still between one man and one woman. But for one brief, shining, rainbow-colored moment, it was okay. Love had won. It was the law of the land.

But this morning, as cities groggily awake from their Pride celebrations over the weekend, a survey of the landscape is a reminder of just how much work is ahead. This is bigger than the laughable social media temper tantrums seen hours after the ruling. We’re talking about states in outright revolt and Christians waving their victim flag high.

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The Religious Right’s Racism is Still a Serious Problem for the GOP

In the wake of any tragedy, victims and their families often struggle to understand why something so terrible has happened. In the wake of the Charleston shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, that question was rapidly asked and answered. The targeted location, statements made during the act by the shooter Dylann Roof, and the quickly discovered propaganda he embraced made it quite clear that the “why” was vile racism.

Clear, that is, unless you were a member of the Religious Right.

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Texas Governor Appoints Homeschooling Christian Mother to Chair of the State Board of Education

For years, the Texas Board of Education was led by Don McLeroy, a Creationist who did all he could to dismantle the teaching of proper science in the classroom. It hasn’t gotten any better since he left, with the Board approving textbooks suggesting Moses influenced the writing of the Constitution and other Christian revisionist history.

So when Governor Greg Abbott had to replace evolution-doubter Barbara Cargill, no one was feeling optimistic. But you didn’t think he could do worse.

Looks like he has…

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John Oliver Talks About the Importance of Defending Transgender Rights

If you missed it last night, John Oliver had an excellent segment on Last Week Tonight explaining why people need to care about transgender rights:

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Tennessee Legislators Introduce Useless Bill To Protect Pastors from Gay Marriage

Now that marriage equality is going nationwide, there’s a looming question of how the ruling will affect Christians. (Well, okay, it’s only looming in the minds of willfully ignorant people.)

The answer, of course, is that gay marriage won’t affect Christians at all.

Pastors who think gays and lesbians have cooties will continue to have the legal right to believe that and act on it in their churches. Everyone knows that. No one has ever said otherwise. The First Amendment already guarantees that right.

But Tennessee State Representatives Andy Holt and Bryan Terry have co-sponsored a bill making that already-in-place law even more clear.

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