Hobby Lobby Owners Will Open a Bible Museum in Washington, D.C. in 2017

You know what Washington, D.C. needs? More religion. It’s not enough that the Supreme Court seems to be an extension of the Catholic Church lately or that Congress is overrun with Christians who want to legislate their beliefs.

Now, the Hobby Lobby-owning Green family is set to open up a Bible Museum in the city in 2017:

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A New Bill in Ohio Will Allow Atheists to Solemnize Marriages

With an Appeals Court overturning Indiana’s ban on Secular Celebrants performing wedding ceremonies this week, the Center For Inquiry is now setting its sights on Ohio, where a similar ban is still in effect.

There’s no lawsuit this time, though. They’re doing this one legislatively with the help of State Rep. Mike Foley (D):

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Bible Stories for Corporations

Finally, Ruben Bolling has written the book we’ve all been waiting for: Bible Stories for Newly Formed and Young Corporations!

You can see more panels from the book (that seriously needs to be published) at Boing Boing.

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Coalition of Church/State Separation Groups Urges Obama to Avoid Religious Exemption in Upcoming Executive Order

A couple of weeks ago, Pastor Rick Warren and more than a dozen other Protestant and Catholic leaders demanded that President Obama give religious companies with federal contracts the ability to discriminate against LGBT employees.

It all had to do with an upcoming executive order that Obama said he would sign, which would ban all federal contractors from discriminating against employees because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Since no one knows what the order will say, the Christian leaders were attempting to influence the order’s wording to include a religious exemption.

Yesterday, a coalition of nearly 70 religious and secular groups sent the President a letter urging him to do precisely the opposite.

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Todd Starnes Thinks Michelle Obama, Who Writes No Laws, Has Banned Chick-fil-A from Public Schools

Michelle Obama, who doesn’t write or vote on any laws, wants to prevent childhood obesity. And a federal law passed in 2010 requires that school snacks contain fewer than 200 calories.

If you were Fox News’ Todd Starnes, how would you use that information to make up a completely bogus story designed to freak out gullible Christians?

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