Jim Wallis’ Cherry-Picking of the Bible Was Evident on Last Night’s Real Time with Bill Maher

Last night, “Religious Left” leader Jim Wallis appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher. While the interview started out alright, I kept finding myself disappointed with Wallis’ answers — Maher kept asking him questions that any atheist interested in the Truth would ask, and Wallis kept dodging them in order to make the point that religion can be used for good (which no one is denying and is completely besides the point):

Josh Feldman at Mediaite points out one particular exchange that was really frustrating to watch:

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U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom Calls on Kazakhstan’s Government to Release Atheist Prisoner

Yesterday, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) called on the nation of Kazakhstan to release two prisoners, one of whom is there because he’s a public atheist:

63-year-old Aleksandr Kharlamov (seen above) has been kept in a psychiatric hospital for the past four months for “inciting religious hatred” and could face up to seven years in prison.

Damn… how did he incite all this religious hatred?

He talked about why atheism made sense and religion didn’t.

That’s it.

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Dave Silverman Appears on FOX News to Debate Jewish Star on Ohio’s Holocaust Memorial

Last week, I wrote about a new Holocaust memorial that will soon go up on the grounds of the Ohio Statehouse:

The design features the story of an Auschwitz survivor told on two giant tablets… with a Star of David in the negative space between them.

While the monument will be paid for mostly through private donations, the state is kicking in about $300,000 for the preparation of the site.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation says that, while we should certainly honor the victims of the Holocaust, this particular design constitutes a promotion of religion:

… including the Star of David so prominently in the planned Memorial is exclusionary, ignoring the sacrifices made by the many other groups targeted by the Nazis during World War II. A reasonable observer could conclude that the government only cares about the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, not Christian, nonreligious, or other non-Jewish victims.

This afternoon, American Atheists’ David Silverman appeared on FOX News to defend FFRF’s position:

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Accused Attempted Murderer Files Lawsuit Over ‘In God We Trust’ Signs on Anderson County Courthouse

On Tuesday, the first “In God We Trust” sign was unveiled over the entrance of the Anderson County Courthouse in Tennessee, and three more were scheduled to be put up yesterday.

Guess what? There’s already a lawsuit to have them taken down.

But it wasn’t filed by an atheist or church/state separation group.

Instead, it was filed by a lawyer for… um… this guy:

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Charles Darwin Gets Bumped from British Currency

Since 2000, Charles Darwin has graced the back of British 10-pound notes, much to the chagrin of Creationists everywhere:

But after 2017, he’ll be bumped in favor of author Jane Austen, the Bank of England recently confirmed:

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