The Shirley Sherrod Incident Underscores Our Lack of Critical Thinking

Here’s Blair Scott, of American Atheists, referring to the Shirley Sherrod incident: Critical thinking skills and the ability to use rational thought are vital to the survival of the species. We saw that break down this week as every politician (right, left, and center) and every news outlet (right, left, and center) took the word [Read More...]

Should Burkas, Niqabs, and Hijabs Be Banned?

Here’s your brief lesson in Islamic fashion (via The Islamic Standard and the BBC): And here’s the big question right now: Should Muslim women be allowed to wear burkas, niqabs, and hijabs? It’s possible your answer is Yes — Muslim women have the right to choose what they wear. No one should take that right [Read More...]

Note to Wichita: There’s No Prayer at City Council Meetings

Vickie Sandell Stangl, the president of the Great Plains (Kansas) Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, gave a godless invocation before a meeting of the Wichita City Council recently. Believe it or not, some council members weren’t happy about it… Council member Sue Schlapp later blessed the meeting since the invocation [Read More...]

ABC News Airs Segment About North Carolina Atheist Billboard

In a matter of days, there were two different segments on ABC about atheism. First, we had the horrible, embarrassing, people-should-be-fired-if-they-think-this-is-journalism piece on Nightline. And last night, Diane Sawyer discussed the “One Nation Indivisible” billboards in Asheville, North Carolina. Strangely, there was no mention of the billboard vandalism. Or (not that it’s closely related) the [Read More...]

Anti-Gay-Marriage Group Couldn’t Find a Happy Family of Their Own?

***Update***: You all were right. I was wrong. I had no idea using stock photography was such an accepted thing. I didn’t want to delete the posting and the comments with it — I thought that would be dishonest — so I’ll just keep it here, with this apology up front. Feel free to disregard [Read More...]