Christian Bigot Whines About How Independence Day Parades Included LGBT Groups and Their Supporters

The Illinois Family Institute’s Laurie Higgins, whose mind immediately turns to genitalia when the topic of homosexuality comes up, is furious that local Fourth of July parade organizers allowed LGBT supporters to walk in them:

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Why Evangelical Christians Ignore the Science Behind Birth Control

After the ruling on Hobby Lobby came down, the biggest question in the minds of those outside of the Christian Right may have been: Why is the science behind birth control irrelevant to the Christians involved in this case?

A quick Google search reveals that the objected-to forms of birth control don’t cause abortions, but the fearful visceral response from Hobby Lobby supporters was entirely driven by the idea that these contraceptives cause early abortions.

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Why Are Conservatives Defending the Woman Who Posted a Picture of Herself Holding a Gun and a Bible?

By now, you’ve inevitably seen the picture of a Christian woman holding a gun in one hand and a Bible the other, while standing in front of an American flag. Because that somehow relates to Hobby Lobby:

The picture went viral after it was juxtaposed with a similar image of terrorist Reem Saleh Al-Riyashi (often including the phrase: “Explain the difference”):

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She Went from Attending a Victim-Blaming Christian College to Becoming a Church/State Separation Activist

The New York TimesMark Oppenheimer, who in the past couple of months has profiled atheist author S.T. Joshi and ex-Muslim activist Heina Dadabhoy, continues that trend with a look at Sarah Jones, a staffer at Americans United for Separation of Church and State who only a few years ago was a student at a fundamentalist Christian college:

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Colorado House Candidate: If Atheists Undergo Exorcisms, They’ll Be Fine with Graduation Ceremonies in Church

Last month, a Wisconsin school district was told it could no longer hold its graduation ceremonies in an evangelical church. (The Supreme Court refused to hear the case, effectively ending the legal battle.)

So what does Republican candidate for the Colorado State House Gordon Klingenschmitt have to say about it?

Simple: If atheists just got exorcisms, everything would be just fine.

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