Pseudohistorian David Barton Cites Bible Passage About Driving Out Demons as Inspiration for the U.S. Constitution

The team at Right Wing Watch has a game going on where they just watch every speech given by Christian pseudohistorian David Barton just to see what new lies he’ll tell next. The most recent one is so far-fetched, it’s amazing that even his already-gullible audiences haven’t called him out on it yet.

In a speech given at the Victory Christian Center in Austin, Texas last month, Barton explained how the Founding Fathers cited the Bible, specifically Luke 11:20, as the reason we have a written Constitution in our country.

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Philippine Supreme Court Upholds Most of Reproductive Health Law, Contrary to What Catholic Church Leaders Wanted

In 2012, Philippines President Benigno Aquino III (below) signed a law to make government-funded sex education and contraception widely available to the nation’s poor. The law made so much sense and helped so many people… that the Catholic Church felt compelled to oppose it, saying at the time that the law was “an attack on the church’s core values — the sanctity of life — [and] that contraceptives promote promiscuity and destroy life.”

(What’s that? Contraception prevents abortion rather than causes it? You and your silly logic…)

On Tuesday, after more than a year of opposition from Church forces, the country’s Supreme Court upheld most of that law, putting the Church in unnecessary defense mode:

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Quebec Liberals Win Majority: What Does It Mean for the Controversial Charter of Values?

In what is being described as a “surprising achievement,” an “astonishing victory,” and a “stunning election upset,” the provincial Liberal Party won a majority government in Monday’s Quebec elections. This unexpected turn of events led to the resignation of Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois (below).

While much of Canada has been focused on what this victory means for the separatist movement, and the implications of that for the country’s politics and economy — our dollar is stronger already! — the secular community in Canada and beyond has been more interested in the fate of Marois’ controversial Charter of Values, which was expected to lead to job loss for public-sector employees who wear religious head coverings such as the Sikh turban or Muslim hijab.

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Carroll County Officials Decide by the Narrowest of Margins to Follow Court Order & Stop Praying to Jesus at Meetings

After a judge told the Carroll County (Maryland) Board of Commissioners that they needed to stop their prayers to Jesus at meetings, they decided they didn’t give a damn what the law said.

A day after the ruling, commissioner Robin Bartlett Frazier said a religious prayer anyway (falsely attributing it to President George Washington).

After the American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center sent the commissioners’ lawyers a warning letter threatening a contempt charge if there was another attempt to defy the ruling, the board went ahead and invited a speaker who also said a prayer to Jesus.

So the AHA demanded the court issue a heavy fine against the board — to the tune of $30,000 immediately and $10,000 for each additional violation of the court order.

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Congressman Caught in Affair Ran on Christian Values… That Jilted Husband Says He Faked

Cool story, bro.

Family values Congressman is caught on security-camera footage French-kissing a staffer. She‘s out of a job as soon as the affair comes to light… while he makes the usual feeble apologetic noises about having failed his wife and his five kids and his constituents… and gets to keep his position.

Here’s the politician’s pitch before over-credulous voters sent him to Washington:

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