Gov. Scott Walker: Running for President is “God’s Plan for Me”

In the email announcing his candidacy for President, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made it clear his campaign was part of a pact with God (emphasis his):

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Christian Group Begins Training 1,000 Evangelical Pastors to Run for Public Office

It’s one thing to hear those on the Religious Right ranting about the nation dissolving into a hot bed of sin. It’s one thing to hear elected officials spout ignorance backed by dogma. It’s something else entirely to see a concerted effort to overtake government with the goal of annihilating the separation of church and state.

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Muslim Writer, Unaware of How Theocracies Work, Says We Must All Accept God to Find Peace

In a remarkably ignorant piece for On Faith, Qasim Rashid explains why a secular society is a bad idea, basically borrowing his talking points from the worst of the Religious Right:

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Todd Starnes Delivers Ignorance-Packed Sermon About the “War on Religious Liberty”

Over the weekend, at Abilene Baptist Church in Georgia, Fox News’ Todd Starnes gave a sermon about the War on Christianity. (I’m sure he’s already hard at work on his next speech all about the difficulties of being white…)

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Judge Who Won’t Officiate Gay Weddings Says the Civil Rights Struggle Inspired Him to Pursue Law

It’s a simple premise. If you work for the government and accept government money to do your job, then you must follow the rules or go work somewhere else. Yet time and time again, conservatives have shown an inability to understand that concept.

So it’s no surprise to see them rally in support of Toledo (Ohio) Judge C. Allen McConnell (below), who declined to do his duty by refusing to officiate a wedding for a lesbian couple.

But the more surprising aspect of this story may be how McConnell became interested in law in the first place:

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