Once Again, Florida County School Board Candidates Grilled on Their Religious Beliefs

Remember how, last week, there was a forum for candidates running for seats on the School Board of Highlands County (in Florida)? The five candidates from District 5 all answered questions at the Avon Park Lakes Baptist Church… because that’s where public education should be debated.

This week, they held the forum for candidates from District 1. And guess what? Once again, the focus was on their religious credentials:

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Who Knew the IRS Had a Secret Pact with Atheists?

Last month, after getting hit with a lawsuit by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the IRS finally said it would enforce their own rules and go after pastors who endorsed political candidates from the pulpit.

Because churches have non-profit status, those endorsements were illegal — but since the IRS was looking in the other direction for the past few years, many pastors not only took advantage of the opportunity, they flaunted it by mailing the IRS videos of their endorsement sermons.

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New Mexico City’s Ten Commandments Monument Must Come Down, Says Judge

In 2007, Bloomfield (New Mexico) City Council member Kevin Mauzy proposed that citizens should be allowed to put a Ten Commandments monument in front of the city’s municipal building. The council accepted his proposal, even though nothing happened at the time.

In 2011, Mauzy was no longer on the council… and he suggested putting a Ten Commandments monument in front of the city’s municipal building. (Isn’t that convenient?) The five-foot-tall granite monument was privately paid for and erected by July 4 of that year.

But thanks to a lawsuit filed by the ACLU on behalf of two local Wiccans, that monument won’t be there much longer.

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63 Texas Republicans Put It In Writing: Marriage Equality “Could Lead to the Recognition of” Pedophilia & Incest

Last Monday, Texas Republicans proved once again that they have little grasp of reality when it comes to the consequences of marriage equality.

Texas’ ban on same-sex marriage was struck down in February, but U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia┬ásuspended the decision pending an appeal from the state. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has pledged to reinstate┬áthe ban, and 63 Republican lawmakers who are part of the Texas Conservative Coalition want to show their support.

So they did — by signing an amicus brief asserting that marriage equality could lead to pedophilia, incest and polygamy.

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Despite Approving “In God We Trust” Plaque, Mobile County Commission Ignores Similar Requests by Atheists & Pagans

Yesterday, a group of Pagans, universalists, and atheists went to the Mobile County Commission (in Alabama) to request they put up displays reading things like “In Reason We Trust.” It was in response to a recent vote to put “In God We Trust” on a plaque in the city’s Administration Building.

So how did that go? Well, the people who spoke in support of the atheist display were perfectly reasonable:

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