The Christopher Hitchens/Tony Blair Debate on Whether Religion is a Force for Good

***Update***: Links have been fixed! … In case you’re one of the three people who weren’t aware of it, Christopher Hitchens and Tony Blair debated the resolution “Religion is a force for good in the world”… and Hitchens seems to be the winner with more than 10% of the audience changing their minds and siding [Read More...]

Is ‘Blessed’ a Big Deal?

The Vigo County School Corporation (public school) headquarters in Indiana had this message in front of their main building last year: Best Wishes For a Blessed New Year As reader Meg drove past the same building today, she caught a similar message: Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Is the word “blessing” worth raising a fuss over [Read More...]

Marco Rubio: Deluded This Way or That Way?

A late night rant here. Hope this makes sense. Do other atheists just roll their eyes when they read articles like the one in today’s New York Times by Mark Oppenheimer? But while Mr. [Marco] Rubio, 39, presented himself on his Florida Statehouse Web site and in interviews as a Roman Catholic, bloggers and journalists [Read More...]

Is This a Political Endorsement?

The National Day of Prayer Task Force in Austin is (as far as I can tell) a non-profit, tax-exempt religious group. They have put up a series of billboards promoting their website and (of course) prayer: As you all know from seeing the barrage of atheist billboards over the past couple years, there’s nothing wrong [Read More...]

Queen: Atheists Can Be Good, Too!

The Queen of England, head of the Anglican Church, made news yesterday for comments that were really very obvious to anyone who gives it the least bit of thought: Speaking at Church House, central London, she told members of General Synod that believers and atheists were equally able to contribute to the prosperity and wellbeing [Read More...]