The End of the Irish Blasphemy Law?

Irish Justice Minister Dermot Ahern — the man responsible for introducing the ridiculous €25,000 fine for blasphemy — may now be suggesting the government get rid of it. Dermot Ahern, the justice minister, is proposing that a vote to remove the criminal offence of blasphemy be held as part of a planned series of referendums [Read More...]

The Secular Decade

Sean Faircloth, the executive director of Secular Coalition for America, has now announced publicly what his vision is for the future of our movement at least as it pertains to the SCA. The last bit (emphasis mine) is the part I’m most interested about: First, national reporters will instinctively seek quotes and analysis from SCA [Read More...]

Why do Federal Clergymen Get Paid More Than Private Ones?

Despite what we hear about the lavish lifestyles of some famous pastors, most church leaders live on relatively little cash. The health benefits aren’t that great, either. A recent article in USA Today points out salary differences between certain federal jobs that had “a private-sector equivalent.” I’m really curious why clergy working for the government [Read More...]

Court Rules That “Under God” Can Remain in the Pledge

Nearly 10 years ago, in 2002, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the phrase “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance was unconstitutional. Chaos ensued, atheist Michael Newdow represented himself in front of the Supreme Court, and the case was ultimately thrown out because the court ruled he didn’t have proper standing [Read More...]

Unitarian Universalist Pastor Comes to Atheists’ Defense

Remember that editorial by Wayne Laugesen of the Colorado Springs Gazette in which he said the atheist movement was on the decline because of groups like Atheist Agenda and their Smut for Smut campaign and FFRF going after the Mother Teresa stamps? I argued that Laugesen ignored many of the bright spots within our movement [Read More...]