Bryan Fischer: Unlike Liberals, I’m a “Live and Let Live” Sort of Guy

Guess who said this?

I may disapprove of your lifestyle, but I’m not going to use force to try and stop you from making those choices.

Answer: Bryan Fischer, a guy who advocates for laws that make life difficult for people whose “lifestyles” he disapproves of.

He said as much on his radio show yesterday:

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Former Congressman Barney Frank: “I Am Not an Atheist”

In August of 2013, former Congressman Barney Frank — who made a name for himself by being an outspoken gay liberal — finally came out in a different way. He said on Real Time with Bill Maher that he was an atheist:

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Franklin Graham Claims That President Obama’s Mother, a Secular Humanist, “Must Have Been a Muslim”

President Obama‘s father was an atheist. Obama once said in a speech that his father “was born Muslim but as an adult became an atheist.”

His mother was Agnostic (though Obama once referred to her as a “witness for Secular Humanism“).

But if you listen to Franklin Graham, the conservative who propels himself using father Billy Graham‘s name, Obama doesn’t really understand the religious beliefs of his own parents.

Yesterday, as a guest on the Family Research Council’s “Washington Watch,” Graham told host Tony Perkins that Obama’s mother was probably a Muslim and that’s why he’s so hesitant to attack ISIS:

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Oklahoma Rep’s Amendment: If You Plan To Discriminate Against Gays, You Must Post a Sign Saying So

Lawmakers in why-is-this-still-happening Oklahoma are still pondering a Religious Freedom Act, which would make it legal for businesses to refuse service to certain people, say, LGBT people or people of a different race, if serving them would violate their religious beliefs.

Oklahoma Democratic State Rep. Emily Virgin (below) has a perfect solution to one-up this gross proposal: Businesses who plan to “exercise their religious freedom” by discriminating against certain groups of people must post a public notice of their intention to do so.

Here’s Virgin’s amendment to HB 1371:

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Bobby Jindal Warns That Secularism Will Destroy Religious Freedom

Remember when Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal warned Republicans about being the “stupid party“? As we’ve know by now, that seems to have been more of a “do as I say” moment since Jindal’s own actions haven’t lived up to the rebranding he was going for.

On Tuesday, Jindal and conservative talk show host Steve Deace were discussing whether or not the political climate had progressed to a point where it was “too late” for America. Based on their experience at the Iowa “Pastors and Pews” event, they didn’t think they were there yet.

There was still hope, Deace felt, because he had seen so many attendees who were “anxious to fight as long as a general… arises to sort of lead the way.”

Jindal agreed, although he said, “the stakes are high, and it’s bigger than we realize.” How so? Well, along with the national debt, he warned of the “dangers” of the Affordable Care Act and EPA regulations. But there was something even scarier to the governor than clean air or healthcare access for the poor. Much scarier.

You see, the true monster lurking in the closet of presidential misdeeds is…

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