Lady Lake City Council Continues Prayers for Jesus

In Lady Lake, Florida, there’s another city council reciting another “pre-meeting” prayer. One atheist, Bill Calhoun, is rightfully complaining about it, but he may be alone in the fight: Commissioner Paul Hannan questioned why Calhoun would even bring the issue up. “It confuses me and others why you would want to burden Lady Lake taxpayers [Read More...]

Why Do They Get to Decide?

Senator Chuck Grassley has formed a “Commission on Accountability and Policy for Religious Organizations” to keep a watchful eye “on the financial practices of high-profile religious organizations.” After releasing the findings of his three-year inquiry of six media-based Christian ministries, the senator asked [Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability] to spearhead an independent national effort to [Read More...]

Why Should We Burn the Koran?

Thunderf00t explains why we need to stand up against the Islamic mentality that says burning a Koran is not just offensive, it’s an act that justifies murder of the culprit. There’s nothing inherently wrong with criticizing Islam, or burning a copy of the Muslim holy book, or drawing Muhammad. I see nothing wrong with doing [Read More...]

Rep. Louie Gohmert Introduces ‘Ten Commandments Weekend’ Resolution

Because he has nothing better to do, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) has introduced H. Res. 211: Expressing support for designation of the first weekend of May as Ten Commandments Weekend to recognize the significant contributions the Ten Commandments have made in shaping the principles, institutions, and national character of the United States. … Resolved, That [Read More...]

Appeals Court Rules Against FFRF in National Day of Prayer Case

You knew it was too good to last. Last year, the Freedom From Religion Foundation won a lawsuit which declared the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional. It was the correct decision, but a surprising one, nonetheless. U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb wrote in her decision: … the government has taken sides on a matter that [Read More...]