Blind Atheist Congressional Candidate Urges Voters to “Restore America’s Vision”

In April, James Woods announced that he would be running for Congress in Arizona’s District 5, hoping to replace Republican Matt Salmon. (Salmon opposes federal funding of abortions, gay marriage, and gay adoption, despite his own son being gay. He even voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.)

It’s worth pointing out that Woods, who is legally blind, is also openly non-religious.

In an ad just released by his campaign, Woods lays out his five guiding principles and brilliantly urges voters to help “restore America’s vision“:

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Center For Inquiry Launches Campaign to “Keep Health Care Safe and Secular”

A new campaign launched by the Center For Inquiry aims to educate the public on the importance of keeping health care “safe and secular“:

I can’t stress how broad this campaign is — and it needs to be. Atheists and skeptics should be concerned with any number of health care-related issues.

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Secular Invocation Delivered at Wheaton City Council Meeting

Last night, at a meeting of the Wheaton City Council (the city that’s home to evangelical hotspot Wheaton College), Ted Utchen delivered a secular invocation just before the start of the meeting (which is now when invocations are usually held).

It’s difficult to hear but the transcript is below:

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“Atheist” is the Worst Trait for a Presidential Candidate to Have, Says New Study

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses a new survey that says “Atheist” is the worst trait for a presidential candidate to have:

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South Carolina Newspaper Runs Correction After Saying There’s No Religious Litmus Test for Holding Public Office

The Columbia Free-Times (South Carolina) ran a brief article last week criticizing the governor and a state senator for getting into an online spat online over the religious beliefs of a possible political appointee. The article included this line:

Last time we checked, there was no religious litmus test for holding public office, and we hope there never will be.

Just one problem: South Carolina is one of the few states where there actually is a law in the state Constitution banning atheists from holding office.

It forced the alt-weekly to run this correction:

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