Jim Corbett Gets a Break in Case Against Former Student Chad Farnan

There’s some good news for California teacher Jim Corbett, who was accused by his former student Chad Farnan of making anti-Christian comments during history class. The clerk’s office in federal district court in Santa Anna, California has determined that nearly $20,000 in court costs should be borne by high school student Chad Farnan… The fees [Read More...]

Wonderful Segments About Atheism Featured on The Boston Channel

Yesterday, The Boston Channel featured several segments on the topic of being “Good Without God.” The first segment focuses on Harvard Humanist Chaplain Greg Epstein. The second, on the Boston Atheists. The third, on Bostonian Woody Kaplan (Advisory Board chair for the Secular Coalition for America and the focus of the Kay Hagan campaign controversy [Read More...]

Can We Get Atheist College Students on Capitol Hill?

This is a program I’ve been eagerly looking forward to ever since we began discussing it. Last year, the Secular Student Alliance and the Secular Coalition for America began talking about getting non-religious students up on Capitol Hill. It was a service the SSA wanted to offer students and it was a key reason we [Read More...]

The 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Goes To…

It is a long shot, obviously. But it is still a very nice gesture for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. They have been nominated for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. Who nominated them? The nominator of MRFF for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize is identified as a Senator from a foreign nation, which is an [Read More...]

Questions for Atheists: Church, State and Social Justice

Mike Clawson here… So some of you know that I am currently back in graduate school working towards a PhD in Religious History. This affords me lots of opportunity to read fascinating books and contemplate interesting ideas, unfortunately it doesn’t often afford me much time to actually write about any of them, either here or [Read More...]