S.E. Cupp Calls Out a Group of ‘Crazy, Militant Atheists’ for… Wait, What?!

It’s hard enough to watch MSNBC’s The Cycle because I just can’t bring myself to watch one of the co-hosts, S.E. Cupp… but she said something stupid (I know, I know, shocking) and it’s now online and since there was something wrong on the Internet, I had to fix it. First, here’s just a sampling [Read More...]

Louisiana Republican: When I Voted for State Funds to go to Religious Schools, I Didn’t Mean Muslim Ones

In Louisiana, Republican Governor Bobby Jindal pushed for a voucher program that would allow state funds to be used to pay for religious schools. It’s unconstitutional, it’s a way to use taxpayer money to fund someone’s faith, and it was a bad idea to begin with. But it passed. Now, one of the state legislators, [Read More...]

Before You Head to Chick-Fil-A…

… you should know they gave $1,900,000 to anti-gay groups in 2010. A portion of all the food you’re buying there is being used to impede civil rights for gay people. That brings them to nearly $5,000,000 in bigot funding over the past decade. Good thing I’ve never eaten there before, anyway. (See? Being vegetarian [Read More...]

A Catholic Election Ad… with Fire

Catholics Called to Witness (“Inspiring Catholics to Live Their Faith”) released an extremely dramatic video about the upcoming presidential elections: The text reads as follows (emphasis theirs, and also note that their text is all in caps lock.  I wouldn’t subject you to that, though): In generations past, the church has always been able to [Read More...]

More and More Christians Support Marriage Equality

It has been refreshing to see more and more Christians coming out in support of marriage equality and stepping away from homophobic beliefs. And now Washington United for Marriage is using that fact to persuade even more Christians in Washington State to support marriage equality with this ad. As Dominic Holden of The Stranger puts [Read More...]